About Us

VERSEDonline.com (VERSED Magazine) is an exposure platform focusing on upcoming music artists and entrepreneurs, national as well as international.  VERSED is defined as being skillful and knowledgeable in what you do; thus the reason why the name was chosen. We believe in being the best and take nothing less when evaluating everything and everyone else. VERSED Online provides music, entertainment, and worldly news; while highlighting our exclusive celebrity interviews. Our newly added segment Brand U  is an interactive forum that provides useful information for all music artists; from tips on building your brand to finding an entertainment lawyer.  VERSED Magazine is an online publication [with print availability] providing up-to-date information on upcoming music artists, entrepreneurs, and entertainment.

Music artists can submit their Electronic Press Kits (EPK’s) for a chance to be featured as front cover stories for VERSED Magazine. Music artists are able to make submissions to have their music and music videos featured and highlighted for our MIXTAPE section, FEATURED Video section, and FEATURED New Music section of the site.

Our “VERSED Approved” section highlights upcoming music artist from various states/cities. This section showcases their music/videos, picture(s), brief bio, genre, and more. Chosen individuals will also get the chance to be considered for an opportunity to be selected as a featured front cover story of our VERSED Magazine online publication. Being chosen as “VERSED Approved” does not guarantee an artist a spot for the front cover of the magazine; but provides them the opportunity to gain maximum exposure.


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