Building Your Social Media Presence: 5 Key Points

by Global Brand Appeal (GBA)


Building Your Social Media Presence: 5 Key Points

By: Anthony Villiotti


In today’s world – and especially today’s entertainment industry – the social media sphere is becoming more and more relevant and important.  In this article, we’re going to discuss how to establish your social media presence as an upcoming artist, or revamp it if you already have one.  There are 5 key points worth discussing:


1. Relevance of social media image.  You might be thinking that how you’re perceived on Twitter or Facebook isn’t as important as how you’re perceived in day-to-day life.  In the grand scheme of things, that’s true.  However, as an upcoming artist, most of the people who will see your social media pages have never met you in real life, nor will they ever, so it is important that you take the time to brand your social media image to reflect what you want the public to see – it’s the only medium through which they will “get to know” you.

2. Start conservative and then become bold.  Though you’re trying to build a fan base – and having a noticeable personality is a great way to do so – don’t forget that one of the main goals is to get recognition from professionals who will open doors (i.e. record labels, managers, publicists, etc.).  These professionals won’t take you seriously when your bio reads: “I RUN THE WE$T COA$T.”  This won’t open many doors for you.

3. Networking 101. As an undergraduate accounting student, I am required to attend networking events to help build industry connections.  Makes perfect sense for a business professional right?  Well, understand that as an artist, you too are a ‘business professional.’  While you are expected to go out to networking events to [effectively] network face to face with industry professionals (See article: How to network effectively as an artist), you should also be prepared to make small cyber convo with people who may potentially open doors.  For example, go ahead and follow the “greats” in your particular genre or those closely related.  Then follow any labels you are interested in; in managers and other industry professionals, too.  Then, if they tweet something or post something, you can ‘like’ it, retweet it, or actually reply – which has the potential of putting your name and brand in their sights.


4. Account Congruence.  More and more social media platforms are popping up nowadays, and it’s great to explore and get active on as many as you want, but you must remember to put out the same image on each.  This goes for something as broad as the content on each account all the way to the little things like having similar profile photos for each account.  (For example: use photos from the same photoshoot, but with different poses.)  You want the public to build recognition for your brand, and making it congruent across channels is a step in the right direction.

5. Be Organic.  The most important thing about social media is to establish your presence in an organic way and not a fake or phony one.  This means tweeting about things you’re actually passionate about, or real life situations.  A lot of companies will tweet using news articles, but this is not a good practice for an aspiring artist.  You want to run your brand LIKE a business; it is NOT a company – you are a human.  Rihanna’s social media presence lives to this philosophy.  Regardless of who is actually posting (nobody knows if it’s her or not), they do a great job of making her followers feel like they actually “know her.”  This goes for interaction too.  For example: If you get a good mention on your music from a fan, make sure you retweet that comment.  Don’t simply reply with a “thank you.”  It’s important to have those comments ON your profile.  And when interacting with others, actually say something meaningful that would make THEM want to retweet and/or reply! Remember, you want to get noticed and build your network.

Like I said before, social media is already a vital part of today’s entertainment industry, so it is extremely important to establish your presence in the best way possible.  You’ll be surprised how opportunities can arise from these networks, and you do not want to miss out on them.  Take some time today to evaluate your social media presence and feel free to send us your questions/comments!

Global Brand Appeal (GBA)

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