Groupie Writes a Tell All

by Ballah-MonI



People get your money ready because there is about to be a tell all book about some of Hip Hop’s Top Dogs. Jara Everett is a woman who has been in the hip hop scene as a side chick for years. Now she wants the world to know about her sexcapades with some known rappers. Ms. Everett’s clientele doesn’t seem to discriminate as well as she says she has slept with R. Kelly, Gary Busey, Martin Lawrence, Young Jeezy, Shaq, Jazzy Pha and others. In an exerpt ftom her book, Everett opens up about sleeping with R. Kelly.

My first night with Kelly was a night to remember. He was freaky! I  sat on his face, and he asked me to do a golden shower on him. I smiled and told  him that wasn’t my thing.

I asked him if he ever had it done, and he said once. He was s*xy and  all, but I couldn’t bring myself to piss on his face. It was our first time  together and what might have been s*xy and freaky to him was not s*xy and freaky  to me. Golden showers are not s*xy to me at all. It wasn’t then, and still isn’t  today.”

Can you say Yuck. There is no word when the book will be released but from that on exerpt it’s going to be good. Maybe better than Superhead’s memoir. LOL

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