Strategic Decision Making for Recording Artists

by Global Brand Appeal (GBA)



Strategic Decision Making for Recording Artists

By: Anthony Villiotti



decisionReferring back to your artist balance sheet, (See article: An Artist’s Net Worth – Part 1: Accounting for Assets as an Artist), you’ll quickly remember that your brand is your biggest and most important asset, meaning that managing this asset should be your top priority.  While most asset managers take financial factors and market trends into their decisions, you must think a bit differently.  Instead of focusing on the profit-optimizing practices, you need to operate by one simple principle.  I’m going to define the new concept of, ‘brand congruence.’  Brand congruence is the practice of adding facets to your distinct image that correspond with your brand and removing those that don’t.


Now, what do I mean by facets of your brand?  Well, in short, anything that makes up your brand.  Let’s talk about the pieces that can make up the brand of today’s recording artist:


1. Collaborations.  It’s always big talk when fans find out that you’re going to be collaborating with another artist.  While collaborating is great, you must make sure that teaming up with this artist will fit into your brand initiative.  Leveraging the collaboration is key.  So be sensible when deciding who to associate your brand with.   Use this collaboration/relationship to catapult you and your career up.


2. Corporate Partnerships.  Almost every day you see a commercial or an advertisement put out by a company using a recording artist.  Take Gap’s recent ad campaign using Nas and his father (Gap Holiday 2012 “Love Comes In Every Shade”).  Although these ads usually benefit the company more than the associated artist, they still can expose the artist to additional target markets.  Think wisely.  Make sure it [positively] works in your brand’s favor.

3. TV Appearances.  There’s nothing like gaining some free [and even doubly profitable] exposure like appearing on television.  Be it an interview, a reality TV show, or serving as a judge on American Idol – these opportunities are almost destined for maximum exposure.  But before you jump to appear on any feature, you must take the time to evaluate how this appearance will fit into your brand.  Let’s take Mariah Carey, as an example (if you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with her).  She is earning a reported $18 million serving as a judge on American Idol.  Idol is a singing show, so it makes perfect sense that she would be a great judge, right?  But MC is known for being the diva of the game.  So does being a judge at a reality TV show really fit into her image?


Strategic decision making.  Your brand depends on it.

Global Brand Appeal (GBA)

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