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Mar 2011

We here at VERSEDonline had the chance to conduct a phone interview with Kanye West, Good Music’s newest member Big Sean. Many of us had the chance to see him in action in last year’s 2010 BET cypher alongside Kanye West, Common, Pusha T., and Cyhi Da Prynce. Not only did he spit some dope bars, he officially made his mark on this music scene.With his 23rd birthday creeping in this month (March), and a new single “My Last” featuring Chris Brown, Big Sean’s journey has just begun. Enjoy!


1.         VERSED: What city are you representing? And where do you currently rest your head?

Big Sean- Detroit all my life, I still live in Detroit but right now I’m in LA working on my album.

2.         VERSED: Are you the only child?

Big Sean- Nah, I have a big brother… he’s always playing tricks on me but he’s a good big brother.

3.         VERSED: So many young individuals raised in single parent households tend to use that as an excuse not to succeed. Do you think being raised by your mother was a fuel to your dreams? Or did you consider it a setback?

Big Sean- Well yea I was raised by my mom but it’s not like I never knew my father, he’s been there and we have a good relationship. But honestly I don’t know maybe if they had stayed together things could have been worse.

4.         VERSED: At the age of 22 you have practically tasted the sweetness of success. What obstacles do you feel that you are currently facing?

Big Sean- it’s like in this industry you got to be careful because people try to take advantage of you, but it’s not like I’m a punk I take care of business. And

people don’t really know I gave up a lot to get where I am today. In high school I had like a 3.6 GPA and offers from colleges, I’m not saying I was the smartest kid but I did what I had to do. Towards the end of my senior year Kanye called me and told me he wanted to sign me to Good Music so I basically told him about the whole school thing and he was like if I want to do the music thing it’s going to get to a point where I’d have to choose between school and music and this was my choice.

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Big Sean

5.         VERSED: Being signed to Kanye West label, “GOOD Music” and later to “Island Def Jam” must have been a dream come true. Explain to the readers on how this came about and how it has impacted your life?

Big Sean- When I was in high school I was in a group and  the local radio station always used to have these contests where the winner would get to perform they’re music live on the radio. We would always go down to the station and win the contests so they knew our faces around the station. So one day I remember I was at the bank… I used to work at a call center a bank call center and I had just gotten paid so I went to the bank to cash my little hundred dollar check. This same day Kanye was at the radio station promoting his album. So I’m at the bank and as I’m standing in line waiting and my boy calls me and he’s like yo Kanye’s at the station you should go over there and rap for him.. so at first I’m just like nahh I’m not doing that but I started thinking about it and getting excited off of what my boy told me. So I decided to go down to the station I remember one of my boys even gave me $20 for gas money. So I get to the station and they already knew my face so I got in with no problem I just told them I forgot something. I get in and I see Kanye, I ask him if I can just rap for him real quick. At first he was like nahh but I kept convincing him and he finally he say’s ok but you have to do it as we’re walking out and you only have 16 bars so I start rapping and 16 bars turned into like 10 minutes and I could tell he was feeling it because I’d say a line and I’d see him smiling or nodding his head and getting into it. So we exchanged information and kept in touch after that.

6.         VERSED: Being signed to Kanye’s label, do you at times feel pressured to impress and measure up to him?

Big Sean- We have a cool relationship but he’s serious about work and he’s quick to shut you down if he’s not feeling it. But that actually motivates me to do better with my music. I mean being in the studio with someone like him is motivation enough.

7.         VERSED: Many artists come into the game with a humble spirit; but as fame grows, they tend to forget where they’ve came from and egos begin to grow. Do you think fame changes people for the worse? Or do you think fame provides a pathway for someone’s true self to shine through?

Big Sean- Man I’ve seen that happen to so many people and I’m just like damn I’m never going to let that happen to me. My grandmother always told me that anything you get you can lose just as fast so  I always keep that in mind and I make sure I treat people how I want to be treated.

8.         VERSED: Would you consider yourself to be someone who is cocky/ or have an extremely high ego?

Big Sean- Nah I’m not cocky, just confident. VERSED– so you’ve always been the type to get all the girls? Big Sean– I mean confidence is key it can get you far

9.         VERSED: We see that many young males aspire to become rappers while neglecting education to achieve those goals. How important is education to you?

Big Sean- Like I said I had an opportunity to go to college and I don’t regret my decision but my grandmother always wanted me to go to school and get an education so if anything I might go back and finish later just to make her happy.

10.      VERSED: Your debut album “Finally Famous”, what can we expect from this album?

Big Sean- You can expect me to talk about a lot of the experiences I’ve been through; everything from being broke to relationships. A lot of things that young people go through, and can relate to. I usually don’t touch on the streets and this time I did because I’m from a bad neighborhood in Detroit and you know, I’ve seen these things. You can expect to hear a lot of new different things everything from the beats to the flow.

11.      VERSED: For your album, you cite a lot of big name hitters that are to be featured on the album; Pharrell, Drake, Wale, just to name a few. How was the recording process? How was it working with them?

Big Sean- first of all Wale is definitely not on the album. That’s my boy and I’ve made music with him and will make music with him but he’s definitely not on the album I don’t know where that rumor came from. And I didn’t get them on the album for the names I did it for the talent.  But yeah Pharell is definitely on there… working with them is always crazy but I’m not trying to give away too much you got to wait for the album and see.

12.      VERSED: How would you describe your overall fashion style?

Big Sean- The fashion is serious, pure freshness. I teamed up with fashion icons and of course working with Kanye you can expect to see nothing but the freshest. We got shirts that people wore 20 years ago and we’re bringing them back. Some fresh sneakers. You just have to wait and see.


(Moving away from serious issues)


13.      VERSED: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Big Sean- Ummmm crush? I wouldn’t say a crush I mean I’ve seen some regular girls and I know some who look even better than celebrities. I wouldn’t say it’s a crush but if I had to pick (and she’s older but) Toni Braxton… and of course Stacy Dash always looks good.

14.      VERSED: Are you single? If yes, what can a woman do to win your heart?

Big Sean- I mean I think everybody has somebody they can talk to and just connect with… but I’m not turning anything down because you never know what could happen.

15.      VERSED: What would you describe as a perfect date?

Big Sean- Well I know this sounds cliché but I love watching movies … so we’d probably stay in and watch a movie you know just chill.. she can cook for me because the way to my heart is through my stomach.. And we’d definitely have a few drinks maybe a nice wine…something light… just a night in and we could end the night right.

16.      VERSED: Would you prefer to date a celeb or someone who’s under the radar?

Big Sean – Under the radar definitely.


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