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Branding From a Management Perspective

By: Anthony Villiotti

brand-managementWe’ve explained time and time again that your brand is your biggest asset.  For our last article until the Fall, we decided to introduce to you, Artist Manager, April Simmons of Simmons Management and Productions, LLC.  She manages violinist, Karen Briggs and Jazz Bassist, Anthony Crawford.  I asked April three simple questions about branding so that you all can get another viewpoint on why branding is so crucial.

April explains why she considers every potential clients “brand” before signing them to her management company:

Branding is very important for any artist.  No matter how good they are as a recording artist, it is essential that they develop a public image in order to maximize their potential.  The recording artist needs to know who they are and what they want to achieve as this enables them to determine the path they should take.  They need to be true to themselves to ensure that their public image reflects who they really are.  It is better to be honest than fake a public image which can be hard to maintain.

When I asked April what elements fall under the “Brand Building/Development” of an artist, she quickly makes it known that ‘having a brand’ goes far beyond simply ‘having the talent’: 

Branding encompasses all elements of the artist’s public presentation, logos, fonts, album art, merchandise, the appearance of the artist, etc.  With many upcoming artists wanting to make it big, they need to set themselves apart from the competition.

 And of course, I had to ask her to give our Brand U readers her #1 piece of advice:

The #1 piece of advice for aspiring artists is for them to do their homework first, by researching everything they can about the business that they are interested in — Google search, books, speak to qualified experienced people in the business to know exactly what to expect and know for themselves before expecting someone to tell them what they need to do [because they could be lead to false information especially the cost of whatever they need done for their careers].  They should know what they are getting paid for their gigs, etc.; not to expect an agent or manager to keep all that info to themselves.  Ask questions and research.

So there you have it – branding knowledge straight from an Artist Manager.

Now, make sure to check out Simmons Management and Productions, LLC for some awesome and fresh music.

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