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Apr 2013


#BrandU’s ‘Valuing Your Visuals’ Promotion

By: Anna Paula Goncalves

untitledYou’ve obtained the knowledge necessary to know what will get the best results for your music video (See article: The Key Functions of Your Music Video).  And you also got to meet an award winning Video Director (See Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview with Bojan Vanovac).  Now…put it all together.

Bojan couldn’t have said it better: 

“I think we’re in an age where the visual is equally as important as the vocal. 

The brand will never move forward without visuals.”

For that reason, #BrandU is dedicating the month of April to YOUR visuals.  In collaboration with Grammy nominated, Surefire Music Group, we are offering ALL ARTISTS a chance to work with Bojan at a discounted price!

How can you take advantage of this offer?

Email Bojan’s manager and Surefire CEO, Jared Hancock at with the code: VYVBrandU2013 in the subject line of your email in order to receive a 20% discount on ANY of your video inquiries!  Remember: in order for you to be eligible for this discount, you MUST schedule the date of your video shoot by APRIL 30th 2013.

Make sure you connect with Bojan on Twitter and also view some of his work on Vimeo.


Watch our ‘Valuing Your Visuals’ promo video.


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