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Jan 2014

BK Brasco3

Brooklyn rapper BK Brasco has been on the rap scene for quite a while. A new artist under Timbaland, Brasco is ready to sweep the hip hop game. Discovered by the late Def Jam executive Shakir Stewart, Brasco has a resume with a lot of familiar faces in the rap game. After being discovered by Shakir, Brasco got a big surprise when fellow rapper Jay-Z wanted to work with him because a friend recommended him to the fellow Brooklyn rapper.

From then on, his career went on from there. Platinum producer Timbaland signed the MC and since then, Brasco has been working himself to the top of the hip hop game. But Brasco is not your typical all around rapper. Don’t prepare to see the rapper drinking or smoking marijuana because he does neither. Brasco believes that he does not need to fit in by doing these things because he is different.

On a chilly Tuesday night in Manhattan, New York, Brasco prepared to perform in front of family and fans and debut some tracks off of his EP titled, 18th Floor, Thompson Hotel. The first single, Brasco performed was titled, “Let it Fall” with Sean Garreett, Timbaland, and another legendary rapper, Busta Rhymes. This track will have people jamming and these 4 artists with different styles bring their own style to the song. The next track he performed happened to be the next single titled, “Big Spenda” featuring Timbaland and Pusha T. This song will have the streets jumping with the beats and the rhymes.

The EP is out, so  everyone head over to and dowload this EP because BK Brasco did not disappoint with this EP.

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