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Aug 2012

Did you know that your ‘brand’ is your most valuable asset? — How are you perceived?  What do you represent?  What’s your message? — Simple questions, right? However, as the artist/musician or entrepreneur that you are, how have you been working towards establishing those answers to all those you come across…or to all those you want to come across you/yours business (i.e. fans, customers, the general public, etc.)?

You want recognition for what you do, right?  And you’re wondering how you’re going to get that.  Well, that’s when VERSED Magazine (@VERSEDonline) comes in.  With help from Public Relations, Branding and Media Specialist, Anna Paula Gonçalves (@annapfgoncalves), VERSED will offer readers, subscribers, and followers insight on how things work in the real world – all by stimulating your minds to think of your brand, career, business, etc.
How it works:

On August 10th, VERSED Magazine will launch #BrandU – an interactive discussion forum that will tackle your direct questions regarding your brand and teach you how to get the recognition you deserve.  Ultimately, you will learn what it takes to give your brand the appeal it deserves.


To get involved, you MUST do the following:

Step 1: Subscribe online to VERSED Magazine here:

Step 2: Follow @VERSEDonline and @annapfgoncalves on Twitter and hashtag your questions with #BrandU

Step 3: Submit your questions starting this Monday, August 13th (into Thursday, August 16th)

Step 4: Check back on #August17th to read our first post and get more information on VERSED’s newest interactive discussion forum: #BrandU

VERSED Online is an online exposure platform for emerging music artists and entrepreneurs.

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