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Apr 2014

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If the name Cary Nokey is unfamiliar to you, you will soon get acquainted. Born in the “nightlife”, 8 Bit of Cary Nokey’s music takes you on a journey you may have never experienced before. Influenced by the 80’s, Cary Nokey’s sound is a mix of retro and current sounds combined. Being known for discovering and developing Lady Gaga, 8 Bit lost his passion for producing, and seeked to branch out of the shadows of the mega superstar and create Cary Nokey’s own legacy and style. Having been on tour in Italy, 8 Bit explains the excitement of coming from behind the scenes and into the limelight.

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8 Bit of Cary Nokey sat down with VERSED Online to discuss the meaning behind their retro sound and their unique style. He held nothing back when it came to discussing their music and why the 80’s is an important decade for their music. Take a listen below:


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