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Vocally compared to legendary singer Stevie Wonder, Glenn Lewis is most definitely in a category of his own. Appearing on scene back in 2002 with his smash hit “Don’t You Forget It,” followed by his debut album ‘World Outside Of My Window,’ Glenn grasped the world by storm! Effortlessly projecting his style of music through the airwaves, his neo-soul was and still is something to appreciate. Quietly slipping into a decade long hiatus, it looked as if Glenn Lewis subconsciously became a something of the past. However the Toronto native reemerged as he delivers his own perception of rawness intertwined with the sounds of R&B in a musical form of 14 tracks. The project, titled ‘Moment Of Truth,’ touches up on all Glenn has encountered presumably during his absence in the music world, while allowing listeners a relatable experience as well. The album melts the heart of a true listener willing to appreciate a true conversation with Lewis through every single number.

VERSED Online was able to converse with Lewis and just as open and short of shy as he is with his fans, he was with us as well. As if we were old friends catching up on his musical journey in and out of the spotlight, the singer let us in on his moments of truth. During his much-needed lunch time, Glenn describes working with fellow artist Melanie Fiona on the Caribbean flavored duet “All My Love,” the many amazing people he’s come across that may have inspired “Searching for That One,” and what fans may expect next from this artistic genius.

Check out the interview below!


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