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Jun 2013
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Gospel music has changed a lot since back in the day. With artists like Tye Tribbet, Tonex, Keirra Sheard, and Mary Mary, Gospel has made a 360 degree change, still having the golden sound of church to keep people feeling comfortable with it. But there is one man who is making a drastic change with Gospel music, Mali Music. Mali Music is one of the most talked about and anticipated artist of 2013. With a fan base all over the world, Mali Music is taking Gospel music to the next level. The Georgia born artists sat down with VERSED Online to show that he is like his younger counterparts but at the same time can show the purpose for what he was sent to do.

1) VERSED Online: Good Afternoon Mali Music, thank you for sitting down with VERSED Online.

Mali Music: Thank you the pleasure is all mine.

2) VERSED Online: First, when people hear the name Mali Music, they don’t think of a gospel singer. What makes Mali Music different from Tye Tribbet or Kirk Franklin?

Mali Music: What makes me different from Tye Tribbet and Kirk Franklin is my approach and purpose. It transcends what we want gospel to be. I’m not only here for gospel but also for inspirational purpose.

3) VERSED Online: Your single, Ready Aim, has so much emotions to it. What inspires you to write such a song?

Mali Music: The journey from Gospel to mainstream. There is alot of fear in the world and that is one of the reasons I wrote the song. Peace and love doesn’t let you take the mic. There are a lot of things going on in the world today and I wanted to capture that in the song.

4) VERSED Online: Growing up, what artists influenced you to do music?

Mali Music: Man, Bilal, Cee-lo, D’ Angelo, Outkast, those people influenced me to do music.


5) VERSED Online: It’s funny you brought those names up because the next question is the Black Church is “taboo” on listening to secular music and praising God. Do you feel this is true and if not, are there any artists who does not do Gospel you would like to work with?

Mali Music: I think before it would have been. Music is becoming one big thing now. People who go to church now also listen to secular music. Is it taboo, I don’t think so.

6) VERSED Online: In one of your songs, some people would think you practice Judaism. Do you think there should be a distinction between religions?

Mali Music: There is a lot we can learn from religions. To me, it is unnecessary and funny for religions to be separated. We can do whatever to praise God. Whether it is through rap or singing as long we praise God that is what matters.

7) VERSED Online: Seeing that Kierra Sheard and her brother has a reality show, would you do a reality show or webisode for your fans?

Mali Music: I don’t know. That is a tough one. I like my privacy. I wouldn’t want in a series form but Mali form that would bring appreciation. I would be a good idea.

8) VERSED Online: What is your next single and when can fans expect to hear it?

Mali Music: That is a fight. I create to love everybody. It’s segregation but we are leaning towards Heavy Love.

9) VERSED Online: Is there an album in the works?

Mali Music: Oh man. There is no way I can fit every song on the album. We have the options and we are looking for publishing deals.

V10) ERSED Online: Thank you Mali Music and wish you luck on all of your endeavors.

Mali Music: Thank you.

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