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Sep 2013

Tami Roman

First introduced on MTV’s The Real World in the 90’s with her beautiful brown eyes, Tami Roman had gone on to host some of MTV’s past times before settling down and being a wife and mother. Resurfacing after her divorce and getting back into television, Tami has become one of the most watched reality personalities on VH1’s “Basketball Wives” (BBW.) Although it’s been almost two decades since her days on MTV, she is surely hard to miss on Monday nights while learning to conquer past life issues and focusing primarily on her endeavors ahead. While her no-nonsense attitude from the very beginning has been mistaken for the title of “Ms. Angry,” Tami can assure you she is quite the opposite. Aside to what is seen once a week on TV, Tami Roman has been keeping herself busy behind the scenes with the launch of several business ventures that includes a hair and a nail polish line. Sitting down with VERSED Online, Tami touches on her relationship with the ladies on BBW, where her defensive side stems from, and her ‘TR’ hair and cosmetic collection.


Check out the interview below:

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