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Mar 2011

Chris Brown and his Publicity Stunt?!

Chris brown really says “No BS” with outburst at GMA.

Chris Brown

The r&b star who recently dyed his hair blonde and released his album last week had a meltdown when Good Morning America began inquiring questions that didn’t quite have to do with the his album released on the same day titled F.A.M.E. According to People magazine when anchor Robin Roberts asked about the violent incident that happened to years ago when Brown assaulted his girlfriend of the time; Rhianna after a heated argument, he lost it!

After the interview, Chris performed a number off his album and then our boy Chris stormed into his dressing room and was heard by other sources screaming and tearing up the room. He was actually suppose to perform another song but didn’t end up getting to that; instead he ripped off his shirt and left the building after apparently also throwing a chair out of the window almost hurting fans and passerby’s.  #ummm?! Also as of recently; we here at Versed are told Tammy Brooks who is Browns publicist resigned after the outburst at GMA.

Now from what I can understand; I’m told that before any celebrity is interviewed, they might get a series of questions in advance that they will be asked. So if Chris received that list with the question (s) about Rhianna and the incident, why do all that. I know it’s been two years since this horrible incident and I after that I wouldn’t want to be talking about it either at an interview I’m there to discuss my new album. But if you were already aware of what you were going to be asked; it would have been wise to prepare yourself for that and roll with the punches! #imjustsaying!

Thinking about this situation and how much this young man has gone through; it reminds me of a car accident! Yes I said it; a car accident. It’s like something you’re trying to avoid but you can’t help to look. He’s so good at what he does but with all that has happened just two years ago and the aftermath of it; the pictures stemming from the violent fight, endorsement deals taken away, community service, and etc.

It’s just been quite a year for this man. It was nice to see him bounce back from that; put out this fabulous album but then you pull this temper tantrum?! On another note, despite the bad press surrounding this talented young man, album sales for his new release F.A.M.E. are doing well. The album recently jumped to the top of the iTunes sales chart.



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