Friday January 19, 2018
Feb 2015

Chris Brown and Tyga


Is Chris Brown and Tyga throwing shade? *Deep Sigh* Just when you thought that little video of Brown and Drake was confirmation that the two entertainers were friends, Chris Brown made sure to end all of that when he went on Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97.

During the interview, Chris Brown didn’t waste no time throwing the ultimate shade to Drake:

Chris Brown on Drake:
“This n*gga not making us no money by us talking about him. We not getting no checks by this n*gga. We making him hot by talking bout this n*gga. I’m not giving this n*gga no more ratings. I’m not taking his side cause I don’t mess with dude. I’m on probation so that’s all I’m gone say.

He didn’t stop there

Chris Brown on Drake dropping surprisingly dropping his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late:
“Yea that’s cool, forget him though. We talking about Beyonce. But that’s copying what you saw from the success you saw from somebody else.”

Are we the only one sick of this Chris brown and Drake beef?

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