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Creating Value as a Recording Artist

By: Anthony Villiotti

sm-valueEver wonder why some concert tickets cost much more than others?  Or why some artists can be so-called “divas” and others can’t pull it off?  It’s all due to their respective brands and the value they hold.  On one hand we have Lady Gaga.  Gaga’s brand is very valuable, thus creating monstrous demand for shows and albums which drives up prices.  On the other hand, we have an artist such as Selena Gomez.  Gomez is new to the game, and while she has a very respectable following and fan base, her brand is not in the same caliber as a “Lady Gaga.”

Now, who am I to say that Lady Gaga’s brand is worth more than Selena Gomez’s?  A consumer.  I’m someone who is on the other side; someone who eventually decides which album to buy and which show to see.  However, I am also defining the value of a brand to the extent to which it is recognizable, unique, and developed.  Why?  Because with a recognizable, unique, and developed brand, you are then “selling” more – ultimately, adding to your credibility as a so called, “star.”

I’m sure you remember Lady Gaga’s series of crazy and outlandish award show costumes, and even performance, as well as her unique and interesting videos.  This all contributed to her brand and helped distinguish her from her competition.  She was doing these “things” to make her brand more valuable.  As for Selena Gomez: Not due to a lack of talent, but rather a lack of experience, she simply hasn’t gone through the necessary steps of brand-building.  To the market as a whole, there is nothing that really makes Selena Gomez recognizable or unique.  Perhaps her close and loyal following know facts and stories that the rest of us don’t, but the overall consumer market is still waiting for that developed brand.

So as you pursue your career as a recording artist, while it is important to find inspiration [from an artist, a song, etc.], it is even more important to put the value of your brand first and really bring some uniqueness to the table.

Remember: What you need is a recognizable, unique, and developed brand.

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