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Dec 2014
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My people, my people the time is now that we start to open our eyes and start taking charge and demand a change for young African American men [and women] around the world. Approximately two weeks ago, the world was stunned after learning that police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown, will not be indicted for the haneous killing. This week, the officer who chokehold Eric Garner to death also faces no consequence, as the grand jury in this case also decided no indictment.

This caused an uproar not only in Ferguson and New York, but also in well known cities like Oakland, Los Angeles to the smallest cities like Providence, Rhode Island. While everyone are protesting and expressing their frustration towards how the Grand Jury decided to not indict both police officers, there are additional issues that the community needs to focus on.

While reading an article on, I came across a study that says that back in 2012, every 28 hours a black man is killed by police. Now let’s jump to 2014, where alone a handful of African American men have been killed by police officers alone; but can we protest for the black on black crime in the states as well? The answer is yes!

While the protest for Mike Brown and Eric Garner are refreshing, what about the thousands of African American men who are killed everyday by their own man. Take Chicago, as reported on, after the Brown killing, there has been a total of 130 murders in Chicago alone, no telling about the rest of the killings in the U.S.

While to some 130 people being killed is not a big deal, it is to the African American community. Why can’t we protest the killings of the young people in Chicago or the rest of the U.S. in that manner? Why does it have to take the non indictment of both officers for black America to open their eyes about the violence in the black community?


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