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Feb 2015

Nicki Minaj


Chile, did Nicki Minaj move out of her mansion because of ex-boo Safaree? That’s what’s going around in the rumor mill. A few months ago, fans were shocked to learn that Nicki Minaj and her hype man/ boyfriend Safaree broken up after spending a number of years together. Especially since he was with Nicki before she blew up.

Even though it seems both have moved on ( Nicki with rapper Meek Mill), there are still some things the couple would like to leave behind. One of those things is a house. According to reports, Nicki moved out of her Hollywood home she shared with Safaree. The couple moved into their 5 bedroom LA home in 2013. The 5-bedroom, an estimate of 7,200 sqft home with a beautiful view of L.A. is reportedly on the market for $39,500 a month.

Well, it seems Nicki is no longer looking in the past, and neither is Safaree as it’s being reported that he too moved on with a new love interest.

Would you like to see them back together, or are they better apart? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know what you think.

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