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May 2013

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In the brewing factor of Lil Wayne’s disrespectful lyrics in regards to Emmett Till, in which he was officially dropped from his endorsement deal with Mountain Dew, there is still more to be done. The Till family and Rev. Al Sharpton met with officials of PepsiCo on Wednesday, May 8th in hopes for a change to come with young rap artists and the civil rights history.

Here is a snippet of a statement by Sharpton on the matter:

PepsiCo apologized to the family again and they accepted while agreeing with me that this is a teachable moment and we must work with younger hip hop artists so they know their civil rights history and become more engaged in the community,” Sharpton stressed.

Sharpton is the president of the National Action Network and has become quite hands-on with the national issue involving the rapper and the family of Till. For those who are not familiar with the back story of Emmett Till, his murder became a fixated topic in civil rights history after he was murdered in Mississippi for allegedly whistling at a white woman in 1955.

Sharpton described the meeting as “positive.” Neither Lil Wayne, nor anybody from his camp participated in the meeting.

Sharpton talking more about situation and what he hopes to accomplish with young rappers not being made an example like Lil Wayne, said: “I doesn’t want the end result to be the penalization of artists, although they clearly need to be corrected, but rather them becoming more engaged and conscientious of civil rights history.”

Lil Wayne and his lyrics have not only insulted the Till family, but there have been several other complaints including figures such as Stevie Wonder.

If Lil Wayne did not stress enough how much he does not respect Al Sharpton in his “Misunderstood” track from Tha Carter 3 then, at this very moment, I wonder what are his feelings now? What are his thoughts on being dropped for his own offensive lyrics as well as Sharpton’s efforts to educate young artists? What do you all think about what Al Sharpton wants to do? Do you agree that Emmett Tills family needed to reach out to PepsiCo?

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