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Jul 2014


With so much on her plate, singer and current R&B Divas Atlanta reality star, Syleena Johnson, took a brief second at her listening party to chop it up with us for a quick few minutes. VERSED Online was in the building at her recent listening party, and let’s just say there’s so much in store for listeners. She’s back with new music and a greater force stronger than ever. When asked about the meaning behind her album name, “Couples Therapy,” Syleena explains “like all the rest of my albums, I name my albums based on what I’m going through in my life, and right now I am currently in couples therapy.” Although we have not seen first hand the issues she’s facing in her marriage, we sure have seen a load of drama in front of the camera in R&B Divas Atlanta. Her album drops October 7th of this year (2014) so get ready to cop that new new!


Listen to interview below:



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