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When it comes to Hip Hop being conscious for the people, there are not many rappers you can say really speaks for the people. Of course Hip Hop is fun and you can have a good time listening to it, but when it’s all about drugs and women, it makes the true fan of hip hop afraid of where it is going.

One rapper is looking to change the state of hip hop and he is changing the game by storm. Signed to RCA Records, Dee-1 is not your average rapper, rather he is genius in his work. Born and raised in the downtown section of New Orleans and a college graudate, Dee-1 knew it was time to create his own lane in Hip Hop. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Louisiana State University, Dee-1 began teaching middle school to help fund his dream of becoming a rapper.

Since releasing his first mix tape, “I Hope They Hear Me Vol 1,” Dee-1 has been spreading the different aspects of what Hip Hop can and should be. With his weekly inspiration on his Youtube channel, fans get an in depth look on the rapper. Being a ‘man of faith’ his song, “Against U” speaks to both mainstream and the Christian world.

Dee-1 spoke with VERSED Online about his his song, “Against Us”; getting some inspiration from and working with other New Orleans rappers including Master P and Manny Fresh. Dee-1 also sheds light on why he thought against signing with Young Money. Listen to his interview below:


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