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Mar 2013


It was quite disappointing to see that nothing was moving forward with the future biopic of legendary comedian Richard Prior. But that has all changed now because a certain big-name actor/producer has taken on the job to make sure the big picture is underway.

Forest Whitaker has signed on to be a part of this super project to make a biopic on the life of the the actor/director/producer and Oscar winner has not confirmed whether he will direct as well as produce but so far, he has hit sights set on a newly developed script and will produce the film through his production company. He will be working with Pryor’s widow Jennifer Pryor to develop the screenplay.

Previous attempts to start the Richard Pryor film included Chicago director, Bill Condon. His version had Marlon Wayans starring as the actor and comedian, as well as Eddie Griffin, Chris Rock, Damon Wayans and Eddie Murphy who also wanted to play Pryor.

Now that those actors appear to be too old to play the part, according to, Michael B. Jordan may be Whitaker’s top choice for the part, but we’ll see.



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