Thursday January 18, 2018
Nov 2014


Jay-Z is on a roll becoming one of the highest rappers of our time. He is not only leaving his brand on music, he has now expanded to champagne. If the name Armand De Brignac sounds strange to you, it’s because we all know the name as Ace of Spades. According to the New York Times, a company that Jay-Z leads has just bought the Armand De Brignac.

Former owner Soverign Brands released a statement about the release of the champagne to Jay-Z:

“We are proud to announce that Sovereign Brands, a New York-based wine and spirits company owned by the Berish family, has sold its interest in the Armand de Brignac (‘Ace of Spades’) Champagne brand to a new company led by the globally renowned Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter,”

Wow, now everytone is going to be on Ace of Spades. Congratulations Jigga.

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