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Time and time again, media outlets are bombarded by constant e-mails from music artists, management, labels, and PR’s. While [some] management, record labels, and PR’s know the proper etiquette for addressing media, it seems as though emerging music artists fall short. After a series of discussions, I’ve compiled a list of tips that will be beneficial for emerging music artists moving forward with their music careers. As an artist submitting music content [or interview request] to larger/smaller outlets, respect must be shown across all boards.

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Tip #2: ALWAYS have [recent] professional pictures [and professional bio] to provide to media.

Tip #3: Respectfully address your e-mails to media. That leads to tip #4.

Tip #4: ALWAYS have an introduction when sending e-mails to media. DO NOT e-mail just a link.

Tip #5: DO NOT disrespect media personnel. Easiest way to get black balled in the media circuit.

Tip #6: When sending an e-mail to multiple people in that one e-mail, use the BCC option.

Tip #7: Request that they listen to your music, do not DEMAND they do.

Tip #8: Refrain from spamming media’s e-mail inbox’s or social media platforms.

Tip #9: Follow the respective media’s music submission protocols. Some outlets are more laxed while others are stern, –> tip #10

Tip #10: KNOW the outlet you are submitting to. Read the “About Us” sections and get familiar w/ the content they post. That’s probably why your content is not getting reviewed, because that specific outlet does not play your type of music

Tip #11: Media is not obligated to post your content. They post b/c they like the content and/or they believe in you. Show gratitude

Tip #12: Build relationships with media outlets. They play a major role in your overall puzzle of success

Tip #13: When sending an e-mail to media, provide all your social media handles. Media should not be the one to fetch for your information. 

Remember, media outlets are BRANDS. If you provide mediocre content, it will not get posted. If you give unprofessional content, it will not get posted. Attempting to intimidate or disrespect media will not help your cause. Help media help you!

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