Friday January 19, 2018
Feb 2015

Drake Hit Number 1

Drake surprised many fans last week when he unexpectedlty dropped an album out of the blue. Drake had fans waiting for his album, Views From the 6 and many people were wondering when the album would drop and who would he have featured on it.

But when Drake dropped If You’re reading This…It’s Too Late, many people were questioning if he put his album on hold or is this an album/ or mixtape. Well, we still don’t know if this is an album or mixtape, but what we do know is that Drake hit number 1. Yes, Drake pulled a Beyonce and shot to number one. Drake’s sold 497,602 slbums, that’s not even counting the 541,585 streams. According to, this album/mixtape will serve as the highest selling of 2015.

Drake also broke records by earning 17.3 million streams on Spotify.

Wow! Congratulations Drake!

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