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A Maryland teenage student is accused of making bombs in his home and bringing to school a stolen handgun. Sash Alexander Nemphos told police he took a stolen handgun to his Maryland school last week, but was too drunk to carry out a planned deadly shooting attack. According to the Baltimore SunSash Alexander Nemphos, 16, revealed in his journal that he had plans to kill a laundry list of people, which included his parents, as well as students, teachers and a police officer at the Towson school in Baltimore. Taking with him a .38-calibre revolver in his backpack to the George Washington Carver Center for the Arts and Technology on Halloween, Nemphos forgot the explosives for the planned attack. Described as a ‘shy and talented artist’ by students and teachers, Nemphos said he drank whiskey before classes that day and was too drunk to go ahead with his plans. He said he intended to try again on Monday, two days after he was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of car break-ins. Police documents show Nemphos told officers he had been bullied for years and had told teachers, but he said they took no action. He was charged as an adult. Read more here.


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