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Apr 2013

A look at newly released albums that got approved or denied!


Las Supper: Back To The Future


Release Date: 03/26/2013

Record Label: Las Supper Inc

Genre: R&B

Ok, now usually I’m all for the older sounds of Jazz meets R&B, specifically with the instruments heard through out the entire number, however this debut album by newly-introduced soul group Las Supper is a different sound. The group’s lead veteran Big Daddy Kane’s rap skills have not changed which is a good thing, however this style of music is almost like attempting to rip off a bandage without feeling an ounce of pain= you are still left wincing! The numbers on Back To The Future does just the opposite and takes listeners back, “Child In Me” and “Heart Of Gold” wants to mimic a past-time number our great, grand parents use to collect records of. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing however  when you include the back-in-the-day sounds of the 60’s and 70’s and a few rap verses that frankly is hard to detect what is even being said, specifically heard in “Last Chance”, it does not make for a good listen at all. Bottom line is, much kudos to all new musicians and individuals entering the music industry, however some should just keep their success where it was originally at, the PAST. This album has been denied a VERSED approved pass.


Mylah: Silver & Gold


Release Date: 03/28/2013

Record Label: unsigned

Genre: R&B

Mylah, R&B songstress who hit producer Brian Michael Cox Junior has taken under his wing is the new raw truth R&B music had better secure as one of its own pretty soon. Mylah wows fans with her extremely blunt single “Honesty” which speaks on keeping it real even when the truth hurts, a certified ‘must-listen’ for all, by the way. Stepping out with a short EP which features five tracks, Mylah titles the on-fire project “Silver & Gold,” highlighting the duality of the highs and lows life presents to us. Pouring authentic emotions into numbers like “Pride” and touching upon the unembellished instincts women have when they suspect a strayed love with deep and defined lyrics such as “your body is here but you really many miles away,” in “Many Miles”… clearly Mylah has got it! Her cut-throat yet powerful woman mantra heard in “Breeze” as she tells an ex to let go, is both admirable and duly recognized. Hope Mylah has more stuff she is working on to release because along with her fierce vocals, her style of music is the business! This EP has been VERSED approved.



Lil Wayne: I Am Not A Human Being II


Release Date: 03/26/2013

Record Label: Cash Money

Genre: Rap

The head martian has released his latest efforts I Am Not A Human Being II and after his recent health scare, you can not help and wonder , “what has this man been taking? Packing a disk with 17 tracks that pretty much have the same on-going theme becomes annoying and down right obnoxious. From each track change to the next, sex, drugs and violence are mentioned more than needed, could Wayne be losing his touch? Not even the excessive amount of features make up for this mess of a compilation, with 2Chainz lending his unique (and that term is used lightly) rapping skills to the second track opener “Days and Days” to the 9th track in “Rich as F**k,” it was almost like a continuation from the previous nonsense. Even his collaboration with Dre  in “Hot Revolver” sounds like both Wayne and Dre were playing with drums and lots of other sounds including their voices while under the influence. This album represents a weak attempt to display what fans all know Lil Wayne is much more capable of shelling out. This album has been denied a VERSED approved.


Dido: Girl Who Got Away


Release Date: 03/26/2013

Record Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Genre: Pop

Dido fans, your girl is back and she’s come bearing a complete masterpiece, maintaining the same posed atmosphere with her sultry vocals and soothing numbers, this woman is just brilliant.  She does a fantastic thing in “Let Us Move On” ft Kendrick Lamar, almost bringing it back to her past emotional number “I Surrender.” Love that she does not keep the tunes stuck in the weary sad moment but picks it up a notch or two in “Blackbird” as well as the menacing “End Of Night.” A small twist of events take place when she goes another route in terms of sound once again with “All I See” ft Peter Miser whose number of verses in the number gives it that right touch of flare to look at Dido and the album cover in amazement and say “Alright D!” Some may have thought the woman who helped Eminem convey his “Stan” track into the great success it has since generated was just a closed-in one hit wonder, but apparently something else blossomed: GREATNESS! This album has been VERSED approved.


Miss Georgia Reign: Jackin 4 Beats


Release Date: 04/03/2013

Record Label: unsigned 

Genre: R&B

Interesting title for a mix tape but R&B’s finest Raheem Devaughn and Georgia Reigns hit it right on the record needle and with this peculiar case, it is quite alright! Hailing from the south (obviously!) and placing her southern belle charm on a few heavy hitters that most folks have known to over-play, Miss Georgia provides a longer visit while on the therapist couch with her ultra-sexy rendition of “Sex Therapy,” and Jamie Foxx’s “Do What It Do” and BOOOOOY does she do it verrry well. Never assuming that this was seemingly possible, she takes it upon herself to cover Lauren Hills’s “Ex Factor” and while she does not ruffle up the feathers to classic number, her meticulous attention to mastering the move is done with little tribulation. Not only ‘jackin’ others, this astounding artist features some of her own work with “Feels Like A Woman”  ft thee MAN himself Raheem Devaughn but then jaws as well as a certain pair of undergarments drop as the two align “sex-mistry” to create the tender number, “F*ck.” Raheem came upon a gem when he brought this shining star to light, although she needs no introduction. This is a fair but pretentious warning to all who are not already aware, Miss Georgia Reign is a problem that just landed her mix tape a VERSED approved pass.

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