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May 2013

A look at newly released albums that got approved or denied!


Stacy Barthe: P.S. I Love You


Release Date: 05/07/2013

Record Label: Stellar Music Ink’d/Homeschool/Motown

Genre: R&B

Previously released back in February, Stacy Barthe’s recent EP P.S. I Love You held only 8 tracks, however re-released with just four tracks, this time it appears to be the lucky number four’s. Or is it? Barthe, who wrote all her songs, pours her soul into each number with the “all lovers unite” esque “Home In My Heart” and it’s cool reggae sound. She continues in “To Be Loved” which suddenly draws in a depressing aura and flows effortlessly the same way into “Flawed Beautiful Creatures.” Not Good, btw! “Hell Yeah” featuring Rick Ross brings it a step up from the other three tracks and conveys the “Maybach Swag” Ross is known to leave behind in any collaboration, however it still lacks the proper life-luster needed to redeem the entire EP. If there was more to this EP and a different sway in the style of sounds within each track, perhaps this project could have been saved. This EP has been denied a VERSED  approved pass.

Lamar Starzz: H.E.R. Mix tape


Release Date: 05/07/2013

Record Label: unknown

Genre: R&B

Awe-struck from the first drop of the beat, fans if you aren’t here to hear what’s right for your ears, this experience is not for you. Now with that being said, Lamar Starzz showcases his sultry vocals as well as his savy knack with a pen and paper in terms of songwriting. Flexing his musical joints over invigorating beats, “Love Away” has Lamar crooning his plea to forever carry his torch of love, as he pinpoints his main focus  while taking in all of life’s fruits and labors in “Right By My Side.” Switching it up, the focus takes an appealing direction as he promises to thee needed pleasure in comparison to one’s first  day out the pen in “Fresh Out The Joint.” While I wasn’t too crazy of his juxtaposition choice, his creative juices weren’t entirely disliked.  Racing up the temperature some more, Starzz’s idea of being both a lover and a fighter goes deeper than that in the bedroom romp “Battle Scars” with tantalizing lyrics “when the battle starts, girl you gonna be soar in the morning, cuz we was up till four, going head to head..” “H.E.R.” undoubtedly manifests Lamar’s ability to comfortably switch his style and level of sound when it comes to his music,  as he praises his number 1 in “My Baby” on an opulent crunked beat while he briefly samples Jodecie’s “Pheenin” in “Decisions in which he heavily equates the fast life with the love of for his lady. His desirable vocals combined with the many fresh sounds and the art his lyrics create is the prime reason why this mix tape has been VERSED approved!


J. Drew: Never Coming Back


Release Date: 05/11/2013

Record Label: Star Trak

Genre: R&B

If many of you have not tuned in to BET’s “The Sheards,” and watched on as J.Drew mentally and physically makes the perplexed decision to separate himself from the world his parents long prepared for him; then this mix tape should catch you up. Listen as J.Drew leaves behind the familiar space on the pulpit and replaces it by vocally expressing all that is not associated with gospel music in his mixtape “Never Coming Back.”  Oozing out plenty of gusto, he belts out his permanent separation from a toxic love while never failing to stress “cuz I’m not coming back.” “Nightmare” allows Drew to melodically interrupt an ex’s slumber as he shouts out the “mature older women” in “Like This (Cougars).” But can you feel Drew’s arrogance with his euphonious steelo as he rhymes over catchy tunes? Good, Thought it was just me!  It’s clear he is right at home in terms of his secular sound, and J.Drew we’re happy to have you. This mix tape has been VERSED approved.


EVE: Lip Lock


Release Date: 05/14/2013

Record Label: From The Rib, RED

Genre: Hip Hop

After 11 years, E-V-E has graced us with her stimulating touch but still with a feminine tempo. The album, says the Philly native, represents her return to the game as she “lyrically locks it down.” Wasting no time as there’s been a long enough wait, the pit-bull in a skirt gets right down to it in the opening banger “EVE” while paying homage to fans who have welcomed her back while boastingly reclaiming her spot as top female lyricist. Describing the quintessential “boss of all boss” aka herself as she raps “now I’m back, forget about them other chicks man you won’t miss them,” she keeps going with her “f*ck with me” venom while spitting out more life and  mojo in “All Night,”  teaming up with Missy Elliot in the electrifying “Wanna be,” down to freakin it completely in ‘Zero Below.” Simmering down just a bit, she reminisces on the doubters and at the same time thanking them in “Never Gone.” Eve definitely keeps fans not only lip locked but tongue-tied as well. Remarkable comeback! This album has been VERSED approved!



Demi Lovato: Demi


Release Date: 05/14/2013

Record Label:Hollywood Records

Genre: Pop

opular child actress to singer and judge of the X Factor can almost be looked at like the girl next door. Persevering through her past life struggles and shining through like a beautiful Florissant sunrise, Demi Lovato wants fans to be re-acquainted  with her latest project: “Demi.” With this effort, Lovato has matured with stronger vocals while she touches upon the weak feelings of that first whiff of love in her first single “Heart Attack.” Whether she’s inching over to the brink of all emotion in “Never Been Hurt,” or that optimum dance number that is sure to shake off a hard day in “Neon Lights,” Demi is surely letting it be known that it’s ok to wear your heart on your sleeve. Keeping the album congested-free, Lovato collaborates with Cher Lloyd in the self-righteous “I Really Don’t Care,” and handles the rest on her own. She spells out the raw-truth in “Something That We’re Not,” while emotionally coming to terms with it in “Shouldn’t Come Back,” and concludes with the conquest ballad “Warrior.” Demi Lovato is pushing forward successfully and bears her vulnerability full-throttle which isn’t always a bad thing. This album has been VERSED approved.


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