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Jun 2013

A look at newly released albums that got approved or denied!


French Montana: Excuse My French

french mon

Release Date: 05/21/2013

Record Label: Bad Boy/Interscope Records

Genre: Hip Hop

The moment fans and curious minds have been waiting for! French Montana drops his debut effort “Excuse My French” and the explicit language isn’t the only that thing that needs to be excused. What is best about this album, is the diversity heard through out each number provided by French himself as well as a full roster of music heavy-hitters. If he isn’t checking for  his ‘clip’ in the intensifying-dancehall-meets-hip-hop “F*ck What Happens Tonight” ft Movado, Ace Hood and DJ Khaled, or twisting thoughts in the dreary “Gifted” ft. The Weekend, he’s going back in time with classic 90‘s reggae tunes in “Freaks” ft Nicki Movado. Whewwwww! And that’s not even the half of it. However once you finish getting through this album, you’ll understand where all the hard work, and heavy anticipation stems from. This album is of grade A quality and certified VERSED approved.


Kid Ink: Almost Home


Release Date: 05/28/2013

Record Label: RCA Records

Genre: Hip Hop

Kid Ink makes a few pit stops before reaching his “destination” and enlists the help of the likes of Meek Mill, Wale, Sterling Sims, French Montana, Rico Love, and A$AP Ferg to create such appealing numbers  like “Fuck Sleep,”  “Sunset” and the respected “Bossin Up,” just to name a few. It’s a shame this was just an EP and not a full album. Kid Ink must be preparing a house warming in the form of a full studio album, and we as fans can’t wait to be invited in. This EP has been VERSED approved.


The Dream: 4Play


Release Date: 05/28/2013

Record Label: Def Jam Records

Genre: R&B

First off, it has been of question of who told The Dream he could sing?? While it’s not bad, it’s a tad “off” like he’s apart of his own duo and another voice (a better sounding one) is supposed to come in and it never does, so he goes at it alone. Anyway, with this album, his creative juices show as well as his producing muscles that flex to bring fans interesting numbers such as the bluesy “Too Early” ft. Gary Clark Jr., the emotional balladeer “Where Have You Been” with Ms. Kelly Rowland laying down her sultry vocals and sassy lyrics; as well as the sexy “Equestrian” that gives seductive praises to his main “rider.” While these tracks and others make a place for themselves on this fiery album, some numbers could have done without such as “Holy Love,” that doesn’t transition sound well, and “Michael” at which he terribly compares something (still unaware of what, yet)  to the late great Michael Jackson. FYI, he should not do that again.  Not bad of a project from Mr. Terrius Nash, this album has been VERSED approved.


Melody Laure: God is in Control


Release Date: 05/21/2013

Record Label: Lanibelle Music Goup

Genre: Christian & Gospel

Immediately, fans do you feel the presence of the word and the magic behind the beautiful soul by the name of Melody Laure and her debut album, God is in Control? Good, because I knew I was not the only one!  What is appreciated about this effort is comfortable sounds heard through out that compliment the lyrics while always maintaining an inspiring tone for all who is listening. With the jam-packed “Song For You,” the beautiful accompanying guitar strings that lifts the soul-bearing “Jeremiah” and the glorifying “Go,” Melody makes sure to gracefully give all praises to her savior above. A huge thanks to this young woman for her uplifting and anointing vocals. This album has been VERSED approved.

Vanessa Elisha: Don’t Go


Release Date: 05/28/2013

Record Label: unknown/unsigned

Genre: R&B

Greetings from down under with the sultry and riske Australian native Vanessa Elisha dropping her debut five-track EP “Don’t Go.” Sweet and lusty vocals is what makes each number on this brief mix tape a favorite. She takes a harmonious walk down memory lane in “Home To Me,” while she holds out hope for a returning love in “Waiting.” But it is the same-titled track “Don’t Go” is where fans can read deeply into this talented woman’s melodic rapture. Need a soul-ful pick me up filled with raw emotions, this EP is what you need in your life! This EP has been VERSED approved.

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