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Jun 2013

A look at newly released albums that got approved or denied!


Chrisette Michelle: Better


Release Date: 06/11/2013

Record Label: Motown Records

Genre: R&B

Oh Chrisette, oh how we missed thee and when I refer to “we,” of course I speak of all your loyal and dedicated fans (including I) that experience the forever jolting feeling from the fundamentals of your voice and music. While there is evidently a change in Ms. Chrisette Michelle as far as her style and whatever else the grammy-award winner was experiencing in her life. But our girl is back with us and she brings with her, her penetrating vocals that results in a wide-eyed and breath-taking eargasm. Known for her intensifying beats with it’s own touch of Jazz and a splash of R&B, “Better” and all it’s 20 numbers (deluxe version) are surely worth the personal time one MUST dedicate to hear out this masterful artist croon out the effects of love, life, and living through it all and still coming out on top. By the way she does so with minor help of fellow artists such as 2 Chainz, Bilal and Wale and more. Showing her daring side in the  steamy “Love In The Afternoon” she teases listeners with lyrics “I don’t get too freaky,-I don’t mean to impose, let me have my way, you don’t have to wait, show a little love the afternoon.”  In need of that perfect song that will have you two-stepping in the mirror while getting ready for a night out, “I’m Still Fly” and the fresh-on-the runway “Ten Foot Stilettos” reminds you of just that! Putting her feelings on full throttle, she goes to the depths of her soul to deliver the moving “You Mean That Much To Me” as she talks to the one who holds the key to her heart, while giving all the hopeless romantics out there a sense of hope in the same-titled number “Better.” This album is the quintessential fairytale that gives life to all listeners, touches a nerve and serves purpose for any type of mood or feeling. While this isn’t my call, Chrisette has another “Grammy-approved” collection and a VERSED approved one too! This album is fire!!!!!


Jarren Benton: My Grandmas Basement

jarren benton

Release Date: 06/11/2013

Record Label: Funk Volume/Jarren Benton

Genre: Hip Hop

Whewwww! This man is not playing and it’s clearly displayed as Jarren Benton debuts his his first effort “My Grandmas Basement.” Every number is either crunk, energizing, or head-spinning, this is a good thing for those wondering. Benton masters the gift for murdering a beat with implausible  lyrics that will surely have listeners having an out-of-body experience. In the hilarious “Razor Blades and Steak knives,” he severs all irrelevant factors who proves to have a problem with him and shows how he tears through all obstructions of life in “Jungle.” One thing listeners will notice if you haven’t already is Benton’s talent in rapping extremely fast while still being able to be understood, and while it’s no classic “Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony,” Eminem does come to mind. He continues the vulgarity through out, but it’s such bangers “Bully” ft Vinnie Paz that describes his pay-back to a terrorizer  and the mind-blowing “Go Off” ft Hopsin & SwizZz that stands out. This album can be a bit much for those who aren’t for the raunchy sounds and crude lyrics, but Jarren Benton successfully puts it all out there. He gets a an A+ for self-creativity and a VERSED approved stamp!


Ivy Levan: Introducing The Dame

Ivy Levan

Release Date: 06/04/2013

Record Label: Interscope Records

Genre: Pop

It’s the Dame herself guys, in the flesh and Ivy Levan puts forth her small yet fierce collection of four numbers in the thigh-slapping mix tape “Introducing The Dame.” Obviously wanting listeners attention with her Amy-Whinehouse sound, it proves to be hard because, well for one, she isn’t the late singer who will always hold her title in the pop music category, and two, it’s just about annoying. Repetitiveness is all I get while taking in the tunes of this EP. The track opener is is catchy until you skip down to the relatable (and that’s just because of the title only) “I Don’t Wannna Wake Up.” Needless to say there was a 5-second confusion as to if my mouse clicked on the opening track again. Yes folks, they sound that MUCH alike; not to mention, it’s a pop/rock version of Elle Varner’s “Oh What A Night.” I think the correct way to describe this would be: copy-cat much?! Levan should perhaps go back to the drawing board and aim to achieve her own original sound, because this one right here has been tried out and figuratively played out one to many times. This project has been DENIED a VERSED approved.


Atozzio: The Imprint II: Evolution


Release Date: 06/10/2013

Record Label: Sony

Genre: R&B

Now if the truth hasn’t hit you yet upon pressing “play” ladies and gents, you clearly aren’t feeling the music. Atozzio who is the essential double-trouble of contemporary R&B presents to you his EP “The Imprint II: Evolution” and folks the modification behind this man’s surprising yet authentic style of music is as real as  you’re going to get. So sit back and open your ears, heart, and soul if you can, for the next 35-minutes or so while in Attozio’s zone.  The Sony artist gives it raw to his subject of seduction in “My Father’s Son” as he places blame on his family dynamic for his cheating ways as well as in the straight-shooter “Being A Man.” Attozio amazingly commands attention in the gracefully-falsetto number “T.B.A.” as listeners explore his heavy thoughts on a relationship heavily plagued with harsh whispers from his girl’s friends. “Rock Your Body” describes his promising skills in the bedroom: “You the beauty, I’m the beast, When I lay you on these sheets, Imma put yo a** to sleep,” he makes certain. This  EP has left me speechless and is guaranteed to do the same to anyone who listens. Exquisite work as I highly doubt no man has ever made the truths of cheating, dishonesty, and the lows of love not sound that heart-wrenching, if that makes sense! Attozio and his latest EP receives a certified VERSED approved stamp! Brilliant!


Just Frank: The Intro EP


Release Date: 06/13/2013

Record Label: Just Frank Music

Genre: R&B

Just Frank of British soul group Nu Soul displays his solo ability with his EP “ The Intro” which consist of four tracks that sample/cover classic artists folks are familiar with as well as his own original. As those type of ventures tend to be broad in style and a repetitive pain-in-the-neck,  Just Franks’s beautiful exhibit of his selected choices are welcomed. The sweet sounds of the guitar that sets off an acoustic tone in the beginning of the EP has never sounded so good and in the opener “Social Injustice,” the swaying of my shoulders in the vigilant number that touches on free will and justice was uncontrollable. He samples Tracy Chapman’s “Cars” with his soothing and convincing vocals in “Dreams,” while pouring his all into his own version of Aretha Franklin’s “Angel.” Showing that he can do it all, he continues with the very  beautiful spin on Tyrese’s “What Took You So Long,” and Lyfe Jennings “Midnight Train,” of course adding his own personal touch. The brief traces of his british accent heard in his powerful vocals is an art of its own as well as this 5-track project that deserves five stars. This EP gets a VERSED approved stamp!

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