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Jun 2013

A look at newly released albums that got approved or denied!


Kelly Rowland: Talk A Good Game


Release Date: 06/18/2013

Record Label: Universal Republic Records

Genre: R&B

Ms. Kelendria Rowland does it yet again with her fourth installment of emotion-filled, sultry, and super-pop numbers perpetually positioned for any mood.  Rowland makes sure to also incorporate some of her favorite industry leaders style of music growing up such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and the late Whitney Houston. If while listening to this album, you feel a deeper connection to the artist herself, Kelly wants that, as she calls this project her most personal and for the ladies,  honors womanhood. If she isn’t making it clear to a past love as to why it’s just that: the past, in “Down On Love,” she’s feeling oh-so-sassy in “Gone” with lyrics “theres a million ways that I could tell you, but I think I’d rather show you it’s over and I won’t be back no’more.” If that isn’t a sure sign that someone has been kicked to the curb, then I don’t know what is. Here comes a glimpse of that embracing womanhood Kelly was talking about when she  turns it up a full degree  in the sensual department in “Kisses Down Low” while the quite opposite happens with the self-triumphant feeling after a break-up in the Destiny Child’s reunion track “You’ve Changed,”: “If love was a game, you lost, because it’s too late, you change, I change,” Kelly croons. In need of a little change of sound from the ex-lover bashing numbers, “Red Wine” and it’s sweet retro sound speaks of letting the feeling of love naturally take it’s course sans the apprehension as “Stand In Front Of Me” and it’s R&B sound mixed with a touch of Doo-Wop cleverly spells out the known secret to keeping a happy man (children cover your ears). There isn’t a track on this album that could’ve been better, or lacked anything, in other words, this album is theeeeee best I’ve heard in the longest! Kelly and her grown-woman swag and strong vocals carries this album graciously with the right gusto of a BOSS! This album has been certified VERSED approved! If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, do so, it’s needed!


Wale: The Gifted


Release Date: 06/24/2013

Record Label: Maybach Music Group

Genre: Hip Hop

Three years later and Wale still has us mesmerized with his second album Ambition, but lets move on to his recent efforts, “The Gifted,” in which I may add the DC native gets more distinctive.  This style can be seen in the album opener “The Curse Of The Gifted”  and it’s raw/heavy sound as Wale does not ask for but ruggedly demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T. In the 70’s sound meets modern hip hop track “Love Hate Thing,” Wale samples Marvin Gaye with Sam Dew lending his skillful vocals as he gets quite crunked with a heavy rock sound in “Clappers.” Executing more solitary sounds, “Gullible”  wants to sound like his popular single “Sabotage” from his previous project. Of course he keeps the “floetry” going in “Tired Of Dreaming” as he speaks to his ideal dream woman and taps deeper into the mind of his fans with the passionless acoustic sounding “Bad” and it’s re-charged remix. What’s appreciated about this album is although there are a lot of numbers, Wale keeps his features at a comfortable stance with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Tiara Thomas, French Montana, and more.  Wale continues to take his music to new heights while exploiting the many notions of  viability, something many are not able to do through their music. This album has been VERSED approved.


India Arie: Song Versation

india arie song versation

Release Date: 06/25/2013

Record Label: Motown Records

Genre: R&B

India Arie is back with her fifth album, interestingly and artfully titled “Song Versation, the album contains 17 numbers that melodically cradle the sugared vocals of the Grammy-Award winning artist. “This Love” sounds out all the joys and lows of love while  the doting and smooth-sailing “Nothing That I love More” features soft tunes of  guitar chords incorporated. Just like in “Cocoa Butter,” India’s chocolaty harmony goes hand in hand with her numbers as she also croons out some logic in the reggae-styled “Thy Will Be Done.” Creating a comfortable and care-free aura for her listeners, Arie  has landed herself another winner. This Album has been VERSED approved.


Bob Marley & The Wailers: Legend Remixed


Release Date: 06/25/2013

Record Label: The Island Def Jam Music Group

Genre: Reggae

Now lets be clear that nothing can ever top the originals that have come from this legendary figure in the reggae community. Bob Marley may be gone, but his authentic hits shall always remain dear to fans just as when it was first heard. In this 2013 version of “Legend Remixed,” classic numbers are literally jam-packed into a melodic souvenir such as  “Three Little Birds,” “Could You Be Loved,” and “No Woman No Cry.” While flipping through each number and revisiting memories of your very first listen of the original, it’s clear enough that some if not most numbers on this compilation could have done without the tweeking. Of course then, what would be the point of titling the disk “Legend Remixed?” However such numbers like “Buffalo Soldier” and it’s techno-wannabe sounding is not needed, nor is the delirious sound coming from “Is This Love.” Some of these sounds want to sound like the tones you quickly skip while programming a new cell-phone’s main ring tone. Numbers like “Three Little Birds,” “Could You Be Loved,” and slightly “Jamming” hold likable harmonies of a remixed version. While it’s understandable for  Stephen and Ziggy Marley along with the others lending their assistance to this project to want to project a new modernized sound, but some of the sound choice were not pleasant. But it’s never a dull or dreadful moment while in the serenading company of Bob Marley, this album still gets a VERSED approved.


Janine: Janine & The Mixtape


Release Date: 06/23/2013

Record Label: unknown

Genre: R&B

Singer-songwriter Janine entrusts her breathy vocals to exude the abundance of passion coming out of each number on this five-track mix tape. The New Zealand native has no trouble being overly expressive especially in “Dark Mind” which touches on a dark past now prevailed. In “Hold Me,” Janine belts out the yearning feeling of a lover to blanket her heart  while “Lil Bit” promises a more pronounced  presence. But it is the concluding track “Bullets” that not only holds more clarified and upbeat vocals but it is the triumphant picker-upper number to add that appropriate spin to this otherwise un-stimulating mix tape. Janine’s depressing choice of numbers for this mix tape made for a lifeless listen. Surely carrying the same theme from track to track in this already limited mix tape already was tiring. There was absolutely nothing that set this young woman apart from any other mix tape heard in the past. This mix tape has been denied a VERSED approved.

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