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Jul 2013

A look at newly released albums that got approved or denied!


Joe: Doubleback Evolution Of R&B


Release Date: 07/02/2013

Record Label: Massenberg Media

Genre: R&B

It’s Joe ladies and gents, and the smooth operator of R&B music has reached a milestone by dropping his 10th studio album. What is good about this project is the different sounds from the piano, drums, and other bonafide instruments that well-assist Joe on this music mission. Swaying right into effects with the first single lifted from the album, “I’d Rather Have Love,” Joe taps into the minds of the men who need a reminder on the wonders of finding and keeping love; “momma told me what a real man should be, she said ‘son pick one and treat her like me’” sings Joe (you hear this fellas??). Staying true to his flavor of musical style, Joe teams up with  Fantasia on the slow-tempo “Love &Sex” and continues with the savory night he has prepared for his lady in “Sexy.” Bringing the rhythm up a notch with a more mature sound in “1 to 1 Ratio” ft 2 $hort, Joe lets it be known he is perfectly fine getting into anything the night has to offer with just one lucky lady, but in the heavy-tuned closer “Doubleback,” the Georgia native goes into reflection mode and revisits past mistakes in a love affair. Touching upon it all, I’d say that’s grounds for a successful chart-topping album as well as one who gets a VERSED approved pass.


Elli Ingram: Sober


Release Date: 07/02/2013

Record Label: unknown

Genre: R&B

Elli Ingram is a young woman from UK who is no stranger to the world of R&B. She skillfully publicizes her vocals on youtube covers, her most recent:  Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” and girlfriend rocked it with her luxuriant vocals. Drawing fans into her euphoria of her music, Elli releases a 5-track EP mixed with dope sounds and her gifted harmonies that also includes her “Poetic Justice” cover. From the mean-girl swag and welcomed hard-core beats in “High Love” crisp piano keys hitting the right keys while Elle ‘s relaxed sound takes effect in “Sober,” or the emotion-based “Fun,” Elle takes her musical talent to unspeakable heights. This EP gets a VERSED approved pass.


Jay Z: Magna Carta..Holy Grail


Release Date: 07/09/2013

Record Label: S. Carter Enterprises

Genre: Hip Hop

Mr. Carter steps back into the building and drops his latest efforts, jam-packed with 16 tracks that lyrically reach out but not necessarily touches the heart of fans. In the opening number, Timberlake’s own vocals is what stands out to me, and not HOV’s MC skills, however in “Oceans” ft heavy hitter vocalist Frank Ocean, both artists share the responsibility of elevating the number. Jay Z feels the need to remind listeners that while he does not engage in such acts like popping molly, he wears Tom Fords among other things, but I’m asking who cares?? Was this a weak attempt to fill up the album? Providing some type of relief and the word “some” is significantly highlighted, is the re-joining of his misses on the duet “Part II(On The Run)” but quickly backtracking, I was over their last duet some years ago. Even the sentimental “Jay Z Blue” doesn’t make me scream “awwwwwww” and add heart symbols. The only implement on this album that is not entirely rejected is the choice in beats, there are a lot of unique sounds. But that is about it. I was not sure how I felt when I heard Jigga was releasing an album from the get-go. I guess I was enjoying his features on albums and his business-man skills. Stick to that Jay, let Bey do the music. This album has been denied a VERSED approved pass.


Donnel Jones: Forever


Release Date: 07/09/2013

Record Label: CandyMan Music, Entertainment One

Genre: R&B

Not a stranger to the abundance of good music, Donnel Jones is back with his seventh album stocked with sensual crooners, and a few jam meets raunchy numbers as well to add a little bit of balance. With sensual harmonies, Donnel attempts to gain a more deeper connection to his lady in “Closer I Get To You”while putting distance between he and an already-involved woman with heavy-stomping catchy beats in “Step The F***k Off. Paying homage to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Jones holds nothing back in showing his appreciation with “I Miss The King.” Spreading more love and appreciation, Donnel drops an ode to his mom in “A Mothers Love”; “you’re the first girl that I love…nobody could ever take the place of a mother,” sings Jones. Each track flows well into one another and it’s a good set of numbers. This album has been VERSED approved.


Ciara: Ciara

ciara ciara

Release Date: 07/09/2013

Record Label: Epic Records

Genre: R&B

Ciara flexes not only her toned legs  and hard-rock stomach to all if not most of the energy-booster tracks on her fifth studio album but her velvet vocals that boast dominance over crazy beats. She goes with a bad-girl approach in the Nicki Minaj ft. “I’m Out” and it works well for for her, while still keeping the ‘sexy Cici style’ fans are so used to in numbers like “Sophomore,” “Body Party,” and “So Turnt Up.” Equally surprised she would jump on a track with boyfriend, auto-tune spokesperson, rapper Future in “Where You Go,” the track really does not fit well into the song-selections for this rock-pumping album; but Ciara makes up for it in “DUI.” She does fantastic work with Nicki again by her side in the girls rule themed song “Livin It Up”while going super raunchy in the disk closer, “Backseat Love.” Good work from Ciara, it is dutilly noted that she worked hard to perfect this album and for that, this album gets a VERSED approved.

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