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Aug 2013

A look at newly released albums that got approved or denied!


Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines


Release Date: 07/30/2013

Record Label: Star Trek, LLC

Genre: Pop

Gracing more towards a pop sound for his sixth studio album, Robin Thicke’s jubilant side shows effortlessly and it is clear this time around, it’s more fun and less somber tunes. Just about every number on this album makes you want to get up and pretty much move to the beat. If he isn’t pushing the envelope in “Pressure,” on cruise level with the blase “Go Stupid For You,” getting you to your feet while dancing the night away in “Feels Good,” or  flexing his vocals on the retro-sounding number “Give It To You” ft. Kendrick Lamar; he’s cleverly showing off and gosh-darn-it I like it! Of course the R&B classic-sounds he’s so famously known to belt out can be found in the solitary ballad “For The Rest of My Life,” and that’s all folks! Yes, surprisingly, if you’re looking for a sensual moment, and slow seductive sounds from start to finish, you are not going to find it here. Instead, Thicke makes the “Blurred Lines” experience (sorry Justin!) a fun care-free one! Do it up with this VERSED approved album till your doing the fist pump from the bare ground.


Tru Thoughts: R&B/Soul (Compiled by Robert Louis)

tru thoughts

Release Date: 08/05/2013

Record Label: Tru Thoughts

Genre: R&B

Here is a popuri of distinctive sounds to each track when played. And with the r&b tunes that Robert Louis has put together in what he titles “Tru Thoughts, R&B/Soul,” he captures the essence of Jazz meets Blues meets a boisterous mixture of tunes alike. 17 tracks feature such artists like: Hint, The Bamboos,  Alice Russell,Harleighblu and Omar. A mellow night of scented candles and good company, or a smooth drive with some reflection are some of the perfect moments to play this disk. This compilation gets a VERSED approved.


BackStreet Boys: In A World Like This

backstreet boys

Release Date: 07/30/2013

Record Label: K-BAHN, BMG Rights Management

Genre: Pop

Wow! Never thought Brian, Kevin, Howie, Nick, and AJ would come back and give their fans another album. I speak on behalf of folks who have grown up with these MEN who’s good looks, and silky voices in such hits like “Quit Playing Games With My Heart,” “If You Stay,” “As Long As You Love Me” and much much more gave “tweens” and women everywhere goosebumps. Nearly four years since we last heard from the group with their 7th album “This Is Us,”…and I must say, it most definitely was not, especially with band member Kevin Richardson out of the group. However all is well now as all members are present and have put out their 8th effort titled “ In A World Like This.” Starting off well with the same-titled opener, the men croon over the fresh feeling of monogamy, professing love in the soft-rocker “Breathe” and other numbers (#3, 7, 10) that pretty much touch up on the excursions of love. However the album became hard to listen to from there. Their vocals are not the same as they used to be and they do not sound as though they’re in sync throughout this album which is disappointing. Is it sad to say that they no longer have that spunk or lack of there of? Perhaps! So with that being said: This album gets denied a VERSED approved pass.



Kyle: Beautiful Loser


Release Date: 08/05/2013

Record Label: Duper/Homeboy Music Group

Genre: Hip Hop

The realest you’ll ever get from new indie artist Kyle presenting his debut album “Beautiful Loser.” Experimenting with all types of beats to complete this fresh project, Kyle goes all the way and with little effort to exude his “care-free” attitude with commanding lyrics. Needing little to no help with guest appearances, Mr. Man and CP are the only figures who are heard lending vocal support.  This entire album screeches bangers, boastful tracks, and the flat out TRUTH! Kyle makes a few things clear when it comes to this album: ‘Hip Hop needs something that feels good. Beautiful Loser is what you play when you wanna laugh, what you play when you wanna smile, what you play when you wanna hear something real and honest, and what you play when you wanna feel good. On August 5th, I’m gonna show the world how good it feels to smile again. Beautiful Loser.’  Something about that statement that says this young man is up to something and it is something good! So for that, this album is now VERSED approved!


Andreena: Naked


Release Date: 08/08/2013

Record Label: Universal artist

Genre: R&B

Zoning right into the mix of clarity held together by the lush vocals of Toronto native Andreena, her lyrics hold the atmosphere of snapping fingers in encouragement of a well-put poetry slam..and she does this all in 22-tracks!! She holds nothing back as she bears it all in such numbers like “FTL (Forever Type Love)” in which she dissects the idea of what could be, if there is a limit past raunchy, she leads the way in “Dirty,”  while the heart-rending “Song-Cry” boasts a few bars from Andreena herself as she spits more verity into the track and the ears of her fans. Covering every and any feeling or issue, She asks for good parenting for the sake of future generations on “The Ones” while coping with the an unexpected heartbreak that threatens to taint her heart forever in “As Deep As Your Love.” This woman is a lyrical genius as well as a superb vocalist! Never have I been impressed with a project that goes beyond the typical 15-18 tracks. Her music keept me enticed and yearning to know what was going to play next. If you haven’t done so already, grab your copy or download Andreena’s album “Naked” because it has just been VERSED approved!



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