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Aug 2013

A look at newly released albums that got approved or denied!


K Michelle: Rebellious Soul


Release Date: 08/13/2013

Record Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation

Genre: R&B

What I love about K. Michelle is how she wears her heart on her sleeve and is able to transpire that same energy into her music. There is nothing better when fans are able to receive the emotions expelled from the artists and feel a connection through their lyrics and vocals. With her debut ‘Rebellious Soul,” Memphis native and LAHHA star Kimberly Michelle lets it all out and it is well received. In the moving number “I Don’t Like Me,” she connects internally with young girls and women everywhere who have ever and still are coping with self-esteem issues; while hashing apart the stinging affects of a tainted love in “Sometimes.” However, she is still optimistic on love and boasts on what she could offer the next time the four-letter-word revisits her life in “When I Get A Man.” But its the ending track, an almost acoustic version that brings out real sentiments as she mirrors what every mother wants for their children in “A Mother’s Prayer.” Well done K. Michelle, and while the sales and success of this album are skyrocketing, it also has just gotten VERSED approved.


Raheem Devaughn : A Road To A Place Called Loveland

raheem place called loveland

Release Date: 08/12/2013

Record Label: Mass Appeal Entertainment

Genre: R&B

Aiming to please both vocally and internally, Raheem Devaughn wants fans to follow him into his own sanctuary of love songs. Complete with directions via a set of 8  sensual balladeers and true R&B music, there is no way you could get lost while on the melodic journey to Devaughn’s Loveland. Seductive sounds pleasantly flow through your eardrums with the sexy “Pink Crushed Velvet” and the beautiful falsetto number “Ridiculous.” What can be appreciated about this project that (it’s also a preview to the artists’s upcoming album due out September 03, 2013) is the authentic brush-ups on the positives and negatives that come with love. Raheem exudes that rawness with the skillful sounds of  80’s  beat boxing number “Wrong Forever” which opens up about doing a loved one wrong and the repercussions there after. He closes the project with the smooth jazz number “Maker Of Love,” which speaks octave of truth while he takes the time to appreciate the being of what makes a woman! This mix tape is where it is at and it would be in your best interest to get your own copy because it is definitely VERSED approved!


TGT: Three Kings


Release Date: 08/20/2013

Record Label: Atlantic Recording

Genre: R&B

Not only do they look extra debonaire in their album cover, the men of TGT have already created a ruckus of what contemporary R&B truly embodies. From the passion heard in the gut of their stronger-than-ever vocals, or the complex and distinctive choice of beats that throbs into the inner core of yearning listeners: folks if you haven’t been aware before, IT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN from here! First let me take the time to praise this triple-threat of ‘sexyness’ for keeping their “guest stars/features” to zero, this only lets me know, they alone got this down-packed! Their individual styles as solo artists already show throughout each track and with the album opener “Take It Wrong” they masterfully own this seductive number. “No Fun” as well as their very single “ Sex Never Felt Better,” follows on in that sequence. Giving listeners plenty of scenarios  to choose from, “Weekend Love” describes an ideal two-day bedroom romp while “Lessons In Love” asks for the full attention of anyone whose willing to learn a few things or two behind close doors *wink, wink.* Whoa! It suddenly got hot in here, and this album is for sure on fire! It gets a VERSED approved stamp.


Justine Skyy: Everyday Living


Release Date: 08/20/2013

Record Label: Atlantic Recording

Genre: R&B

Brooklyn get in here and give it up for your girl Justine Skye. Making her mark in this industry with her feather soft vocals, Justine the songstress prevails her bold style with awe. With her latest EP, in seven tracks she speaks the TRUTH and nothing short of. Letting a pursuer know, you must work to win her attention in “Hard Work,” she faces the reality of the stress and toll a heartbreak gives with the emotional concluder “Good By Now.”  At 17-years-old, Justine her violet curls and amazing voice are nothing to be under looked, which is why her album snags a spot in the VERSED approved vault.







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