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Sep 2013

Raheem Devaughn: A Place Called Loveland


Release Date: 09/03/2013

Record Label: E1 Music

Genre: R&B

Annnnd it is finally here folks, Raheem DeVaughn’s third studio album “A Place Called LoveLand” and it is just that. Here in the artist’s euphoria of everything related to love, DeVaughn melodically grabs hold of the essence of intimacy on a personal level and does it so well, listeners feel as though they are directly being addressed. Having patience for the burning desire of another finds one waiting on the right moment in “In The Meantime,” while the popular falsetto “Ridiculous” embraces the high octave of love with no rules. His vocals make everything so convincing and easy, in fact if after listening to “Make A Baby” and one follows, do not be alarmed while he expresses admiration for the pure dynamic of a perfect mate in  “Make Em Like You.”  Finishing off the album with thee sensual “Maker Of Love,” if this does not make one want to get up and twirl their lady or be twirled and caressed, you are not listening hard enough!  “A Place Called LoveLand” captures all sides of soul music with it’s versatility of sounds and ideas. This album has been officially stamped VERSED approved!


Tamar Braxton: Love & War

love and war

Release Date: 09/03/2013

Record Label: Epic Records

Genre: R&B

Full of passion with powerful vocals, Tamar Braxton has released her much anticipated album “Love and War” with a set of tracks that carry the truth behind lust, fervency, strife and regard. Sampling the late east coast rapper B.I.G. Tamar puts her own sass to her second single off the album “The One,” and makes the record an all season banger. She taps into the mind while coming to a complex decision of going to battle all in the name of love sans war in “Stay & Fight,” as she gets oh-so-sexy  in the risque “Tip-Toe”  with Tamar calling all the shots as she’s so accustomed to doing. Bringing transparency in the sentimental number “Pieces,” Tamar realizes she deserves it all and not bits and…(care to fill in the blank?), while she reminds her lover that by his side is where she will continuously remain in “Where It Hurts.” The newly mother of a baby boy has a lot to be thankful for and expresses her undying gratitude in the closing number “Thank You Lord,”  as she revels in how far she’s come with the help  of the GOD above. This album exudes both a level of humbleness and maturity with a twist of the Tamar we’ve all come to grow and love! Great work and this album has been VERSED approved.


John Legend: Love In The Future

john legend

Release Date: 08/30/2013

Record Label: GOOD Music

Genre: R&B

Feeling as though this album is his best and with creativity, well take a listen for yourself!  Dropping three singles before the release of the album which happens to be titled “Made To Love,”Legend creates his music for the lovers who hold on to one another and for the folks who appreciate vintage sound. Covering Bobby Caldwells “Open Your Eyes” with his legendary raspy voice, he verify’s his ability to not try and change the old-timer classic but simply fashion it to his vocal liking. Ready to plunge into the world of monogamy and share into the details of love intertwined by two people, he bears it all in “You and I (Nobody In The World) as  well as his second single “All Of Me.” However it is the semi-uptempo numbers that give life on this perhaps never-ending somber album. Tracks like “Save The Night,” “We Do We Think We Are,” and “Tomorrow,” awaken the mood from the serious firmament that clouded the room once the album began playing. While it appears John Legend did well with this album, the 20-track project is not for listeners looking to experience a moment at a live jazz festival or bumping r&b. Nonetheless this album gets a VERSED approved stamp.

Jaheim: Appreciation Day

jaheim appreciation day

Release Date: 08/30/2013

Record Label: Warner Bros, Atlantic Records

Genre: R&B

It appears that with age, comes both maturity and a level of growth that is greatly embraced and in his sixth studio album, Jaheim displays his appreciation for all that while vocally manifesting it as well. In the album opener, he praises the magnificently wonders of women who age graciously  in “Age Ain’t A Factor,” as he cleverly opens up the reality of a “Mr. Right” being non-existent in “He Doesn’t Exist.” Bringing it alll the way back, Jaheim samples Shirley Murdock’s 80’s ballader “As We Lay” in the sweet-sounding “Morning.” Continuing with the numbers that provide a satisfying retrospect on love, he proves he’s a changed man and most importantly chivalry is not dead in “Baby X’s 3,” with heart-melting lyrics “here’s my heart, it’s all I have..” However it is the breath-taking closing number that brings out the “awwwwwww” as Jaheim boasts his persistency in going after his special lady no matter the distance or roadblocks in “Chase Forever.” Jaheim does it yet again with zero disappointment which is why he gets a VERSED approved for this album.




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