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Sep 2013

The Weekend: Kiss Land


Release Date: 09/10/2013

Record Label: Universal Republic Records

Genre: R&B

It is the official debut solo album for The Weeknd  and this time around, aside from a feature from Drake, there are no other guest appearances. The Canadian native opens up the 12-track disk with an overpowering number “Professional,” complete with additional intense sound quality. He revisits a past love in “The Town” and conquers the feelings of love from the highest depths in the breathy number “Love In The Sky.” Realizing the painful mistake of falling for the wrong one in “Belong To The World” he turns around and praises the tantalizing tour life in the popping single ft. Drake “Live For.” Describing this project as somewhere unfamiliar to him, he credits film makers such as John Carpenter and Ridley Scott as inspiration. Trying something new and discovering himself, The Weeknd wants to share this unknown feeling with his fans, so if you’re listening, don’t be alarmed by the jolting screams. The Weeknd says Kiss Land is like a horror movie and that statement couldn’t have been more true as it could be the 2013 soundtrack to M.J’s 80’s “Thriller” video. More dreary and dark accompanied by a creamy falsetto, Kiss Land gets four stars and a VERSED approved!


Renzo: Lionheart


Release Date: 09/12/2013

Record Label: unsigned

Genre: R&B/Pop

Hailing from Virginia but based out in Hollywood, Renzo presents his latest EP “Lionheart,” a sweet -sounding mix of pop blended with r&b. Renzo and his smooth vocals seek out the attention of those who can value exemplary music. He seizes attention immediately in the dark sensual “So They Know” where he lays his permanent title down as protector to his lady with hard to miss lyrics: “Im going to be by your side like a soldier, just so they know.” Switching things up, Renzo gets live and lit like strobe lights with the party-track “It Ain’t Over,”  as he closes out with the pop sounding number “Before We Die.” Production for “Lionhearts” can be credited to Bentley Haze, respectably. What is awesome about this short EP is Renzo does not get comfortable with just the same sound through out, instead allowing his listeners the pleasure of hearing his contrastive style. This EP gets a VERSED approved!




Release Date: 09/12/2013

Record Label: unknown

Genre: R&B

Presenting this captivating duo from Toronto, Jhyve///Soul drop their album “SUPERMEGAfUTURESH!T, a compilation of grade-A quality R&B with a touch of Hip-Hop. Nothing but invigorating sounds and clear-cut vocals, “So High” follows with a nice laid-back sound perfect for a nice ride with the top down. The intimidating tunes continue in “In My Space” as the feeling of “awe” hits from a deep passion that takes over in the bedroom, while almost channeling 90’s baby-making music with desires from his companion’s undivided attention in “Stay Awhile.” Like the savy men that they are, they have a way with words and time is of the essence as they count every precious time spent in “With You”: “seconds away from giving away my last few seconds, a lecture away from giving away my life lessons” they belt out. Closing out like true rock stars do, they explore the un-cut authentic realms of life with an over-the-top poetry slam: WOW!! These young men are surely something else, something unheard of complete with their own peculiar concept of music. Nice job! This album has been VERSED approved!


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