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Oct 2013

Lyfe Jennings: Lucid


Release Date: 10/08/2013

Record Label: Mass Appeal Entertainment

Genre: R&B

Since his last effort, 2010’s “I Still Believe,” not much has drastically changed with the Ohio native except the higher level of truth and reflective notions Jennings implicates in his music. Dropping his latest project “Lucid,” the singer/songwriter stops nothing short of that, while delivering beautiful melodies on love, life, and everything else oh and ladies and gents, he has a lot to say, so pay attention! He gives his clear perception of the karma that follows after breaking a woman’s heart in “Boomerang,” while schooling the fellas on how to savor and take care of a woman while knowing all her ins and outs in “College,” ‘I treat her like college, I’m trying to get knowledge, learning your girl is like science,’ croons Jennings. My how things change from sweet to harsh reality as Lyfe flips the script on the anthem for men experiencing heartbreak in the very comical yet truthful “I Wish,” ‘Girl I wish nothing but bad luck, hope you get hit by a truck and dieeee,’ LOL!!! Anyhoo, fellas and ladies you can recover from that bad break-up by grooving to the Marvin Gaye esque “Rock” or opening your heart once again to love with  the redraft version of the alphabet song in “ABC’s.” Sounds a bit weird I know, but Lyfe’s  creative style in aligning each alphabet as he fervently expresses his love for a woman is  quite skillful. Still not convinced? Allow the classic sounds to the new love duet ft sultry songbird Jennifer Nelson that will be played for decades and more to come in “17 To a Million,” ‘whether if it’s in this lifetime or in the next one, I will protect it, love you whether you’re 17 or a million’ sing both Jennings and Nelson radiantly in-synch. Lyfe Jennings continues to impress album after album with his octave of verity while always bringing R&B music that stays alive in your heart and mind well after the album stops playing. This album gets a VERSED approved!

Tiara Thomas: Dear Sallie Mae


Release Date: 10/08/2013

Record Label: Division/Interscope Records

Genre: Hip Hop/R&B

We first heard her semi-hoarse vocals on Wale’s “Bad” record and she had fans switching the levels of the volume to a higher mode all while trying to figure “who is that?!” Well since then, Tiara Thomas has gone on to branch out on her own including signing with Rico Love. Releasing her latest effort, Thomas drops an EP short of five tracks boasting both her “in-your-face” vocals and her natural abilities to spit a few bars.  She waste’s no time getting into the swing of things with her rather interesting homage to famous loan collector Sallie Mae in “Dear Sallie Mae,” “I got bills to pay, I just wanna say f*ck Sallie Mae,” raps Thomas. She goes on to designer label dropping and other ‘gibberish’ and pulls a Drake by displaying her dual talent in singing and rapping in “4Dolla Bill, while over a mellow beat she vows to take life at it’s reigns in “Tell Me Something.” It is not hard to see the effort Thomas puts into creating her own unique style of music and personality. However this EP makes it difficult to understand what exactly Thomas wants fans to receive from this? Is this a mere introduction of what is to come or???? When someone finds out, let me know! But for now, Tiara Thomas stills gets a VERSED Approved stamp, looking forward to witnessing what this young lady has in store for the future!


Glenn Lewis: Moment Of Truth

glenn lewis moment of truth

Release Date: 10/15/2013

Record Label: Ruffhouse Records

Genre: R&B

(Clears throat)….Here he here he…it pleases me to announce that R&B is slowly turning back around from facade’s of what soul should be and getting back to what it truly conveys: authentic tunes that all can take and receive from. Glenn Lewis, yes remember him? Well he does all that with his return from an 11-year-hiatus as he presents listeners with a treasury of timeless music in “Moment of Truth.” It is quite hard to fathom that this is ONLY the second solo effort for the Toronto native since his 2002 “World Outside My Window” and the soulful single “Don’t You Forget It.” Reason being though, is because Lewis glides back into the scene so effortlessly as if he never left. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and let this statement speak for all R&B lovers: we’ve missed you Glenn!! 14 numbers is what you hear that fundamentally center around the idea of adult love strongly linked with maturity and genuine lyrics from Lewis’ powerful yet pleasant sounding vocals. Taking it away with the commanding sound of the violin and the drums in the second album opener “Ugly Face,” Glenn appreciates the contour of his woman’s beauty as he sings “baby wont you take it like you want this last name, ohhh your chocolate frame.” The piano keys instantly melt our hearts and the suavy tune in “Random Thoughts” creatively finds Lewis going through the lengths to profess his love for his lady with references to “hash tags,” “tweeting” and “FB posting.” His butter-soft vocals has us clutching our hearts in harmony while being able to identify with moving on from a past love in “Can’t Say Love.” More soul follows in the duet ft Melanie Fiona “All I Have” as Lewis takes the final moments in the album closer “Better With Time,” to explore the depths of how far his love has taken his union with the simplicity of..time! This album is what R&B needs and what listeners seek! Glenn captures all there is about this ever-so-changing genre. My moment of truth: this album has been certified VERSED approved! Hands down!


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