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Mar 2011

A look at newly released albums that got approved or denied!


Lupe Fiasco: Lasers

 Release Date: 3/08/2011

Record Label: Atlantic

Genre: Rap

Alright Versed readers; Mr. “kick-push” is back at it again after four years have gone by! #damn Lup’, where you been son? But this talented rapper has just dropped his third album titled Lasers and from what it looks like; it isn’t as good as his last sophomore album titled Cool. According to Mr. Fiasco himself the 12 tracks that actually made the cut for the albums were put together by his record label, Atlantic, and were often recorded without enthusiasm. And from the reviews I’m seeing; I guess it shows? Well folks; Im not going to purchase it, so if you all happen to want to give it a shot; let us here at Versed know what the verdict is!

Mhhpm! (clearing throat real loud!)..On that note: moving on! Oh yea; this album has been (robotic voice) Denied!


Marsha Ambrosius: Late Night & Early Morning

Release Date: 3/01/2011

Record Label: J Records

Genre: R&B

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!! It seems as if the other half of hit poetic/r&b duo group Floetry has just dropped her first solo album and it looks good! The album some-what starts out sounding out a few slow steamed-up melodies like Lay Down and Imagination. But perhaps; Marsha wants us listeners to get it straight from jump! And that is; this album isn’t like her Floetry days, with a deep and dark number like her recent single out now With You and my personal favorite Hope She Cheats on You With a BasketBall Player! #haha! POW! Overall, I say this Versed Approved!


Jennifer Hudson: I Remember Me

Release Date: 3/22/2011

Record Label: RCA

Genre: R&B

Ok people so thee Ms. Jennifer Hudson is back about to drop her sophomore album titled “I Remember Me” which also has the same name as one of her singles on the album. I like that! This twelve-track album holds some great titles; I just hope that their each good or at least they top her last album. Titles such as “No One Gonna Love You”, “I Got This”, and “Feeling Good” has HOTT written all over it; but we’ll see. Now Ms. Hudson actually has a single out now titled “Where You At Now” which I hear Mr. R. Kelly wrote; I hear this single is good. So let us hope the album follows.  So I can’t certify this just yet; but you on the right track Jennifer boo! Keep it up!

 Chris Brown: F.A.M.E.

Release Date: 3/22/2011

Record Label: Jive

Genre: R&B

Say it with me Versed readers “YEA! YEA! YEA!!!!!”. OKAY! Let’s compose ourselves. Now I must say that I’m really amped about this album; I feel like this is Breezy’s year and this album screams “GREATNESS”! So the album which features some of the hottest singles we’ve heard from Chris Brown already like club banger “YEA 3x’s” and r&b sexy ballads such as “Dueces” and “No B.S.” and now his certified banger “Look at me Now”. It is said that when you listen to the album, you’ll hear some great collaborations (i.e: Justin Beiber and Weezy) and producers like Kevin Mcall and Diplo. So ladies and Gents; go cop that album by our man Chris Breezy who I’m pretty sure worked his tail off on this one. This is indeed Versed Approved!

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