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Looking for management…

By: Anna Paula “AP” Gonçalves


The question(s) that came in was: “How do you look for management and what are some things to look for?”  A great question!  However, there’s a question that should be asked beforehand: “When should you look for management?”  See, upcoming artists are fixed on the idea that unless they have a manager, their career will be on a stand still. They end up believing that there is nothing they can do besides wait until a manager comes into the picture.  Do this, and that’s when that stand still happens.


Do you need a manager?  Yes!  Do you need a manager right now?  Well, that’s debatable.  Where are you in your career?  It doesn’t necessarily mean, looking for a manager only after you are signed to a label, either.  Consider this: A manager’s overall role is to spearhead your career.  But before they can do that, they need to have something to work with.  Not to mention, you need to present the complete package to anybody you’d want to bring aboard your team in order to make sure they get the full grasp of ‘who you are’…of your brand.


I always encourage upcoming artists to ‘take the pulse’ of their own career – to take the reins of their own development as an artist.  So work on your ‘self development.’  Build/develop your brand (See article: How to build your brand as an upcoming recording artist…) and learn everything you need to know about this business (See article: The importance of your music industry knowledge…).  That knowledge will assist in putting your team together.  (I highly recommend an entertainment lawyer being the first you bring on board.  See article: When to hire an entertainment lawyer…).  Keep this in mind: What you want is to make managers look at you as an opportunity for them.   Giving YOU the “power” to choose, and not be chosen.



Now, let’s say you’re reading this and saying to yourself: “But, I am ready for a manager!”  If you’re ready, this means you worked hard in your own development to make yourself attractive to anyone you inquire to become your manager.  So you are ready to start looking!  First order of business: Be attentive!


Understand that a manager is the person who will overlook your entire career.  They oversee the bigger picture – what lies ahead.   It’s a position that requires not only a business sense, but industry knowledge.  So you’ll want to make sure he/she is fully qualified to lead you in the right direction.  But I don’t mean qualified based on “experiences,” I mean qualified based on their character and reputation.  I am a firm believer that “experience” doesn’t justify success; it’s a person’s passion for what they do and the ability to do it with integrity that does.  You want a passionate teammate to bat for you…period.  You want someone who believes in you and exudes the same passion for your craft, as you do.  Put yourself out there!  Send out your material to music industry professionals you’ve done your research on – those you feel would be interested to learn about you.  One type of network many artists look past, are the professional ones (i.e. Music2Deal, Music Powers, myMusicCircle, LinkedIn, etc.).  If you don’t have any professional profile(s) up, create it now.  Remember: You want to reach professionals in this industry that would want to create a partnership with your brand.  So go look for them where you will be sure to find them.


Final Thoughts:

Do your part and the rest will follow.  Don’t dwell on the fact that you don’t have a manager keep you from managing your own career.  And when the time comes to look for a manager, choose wisely – consider his/her passion towards your project; consider whether it’s for the right reasons and if it’s the right fit.  You want your manager to have a grasp of who you are, not just simply an idea of who you are.




This post was written by Publicist / Media and Branding Professional, Anna Paula “AP” Gonçalves.  If you are an upcoming artist/entrepreneur with questions regarding your brand/career, follow AP on Twitter @annapfgoncalves to interact with her!


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