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Jul 2014
Written by Felicia Austin

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reached more into the lives of Kaleena, her husband Tony, and her best friend/girlfriend Ashley. As we know, Kaleena is working on a project called Black Orchid, and she says she needs Ashley there to give her “ASSpiration” because the sight of her behind makes her feel creative and she can write songs better.  Tony is set to believe that the three of them will turn up but Ashley quickly shuts that down. On the episode tonight, it looks like Kaleena can’t get much work done because of the fact that her and Ashley have been partying, leaving Tony to worry that Kaleena is not giving their new project her full attention. Eventually, Kaleena breaks the news to Ashley that she can’t continue to have the kind of relationship that Ashley wants because she has to focus on her husband and her music.


I think this whole story is interesting because it led me to wonder if there are other couples who have this type of arrangement. Do all men need or want a woman who is attracted to women? I understand that women being attracted to the same sex is a part of our culture, it’s sexy, it’s fun, it’s alluring, and it’s supposedly every man’s fantasy. But what exactly does it say about a man’s character? Why are we not good enough alone? Why do we have to invite another person into our bed? And that’s a very good question that could be asked to Kaleena as well. Is her husband not adequate? Why does she want to add Ashley to the equation? What can be lacking in a relationship that you would consider adding a third party? I believe some of us are searching for something different and we may need to get whatever it is we’re looking for from another individual. It’s just a reality that some of us don’t deal with. I love how independent and free Kaleena is but it just seems that poor Tony is getting the short end of the deal. My question is, what would you do?


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  • Lady Resin

    I think it’s never a good idea to add anyone to a serious relationship. Marriage is hard enough on its own, and although the thought may be enticing to some, I dnt know any that’s it’s been successful with….

  • Natasha Harris

    What you put in, is what you get out. That woman was a major distraction to what’s real in their life. Glad she respects his opinion enough, to pump the brakes!!

  • Sontonya Anderson

    The dynamic of their marriage makes me wonder if they together more for business or the threesom pleasure. Tony didn’t seem to mind when he thought he could join in but Ashley made it very clear that she wasn’t having it. Who sits and watches their wife leave to obviously have sex with someone else, male or female?

  • Kathryn Rochelle Williams

    I think that, if you’re married, there shouldn’t be any “extras” in the equation. It is just going to lead to the type of situation that was seen tonight. Someone is going to feel left out. There are already enough insecurities, jealousy, and issues when there are two people. But to add a third person’s issues to that?!?! Nahhhhhhh……. And men only think they want that fantasy because of what society has said. If I’m with you, I’m with YOU. Period.

  • housewifeWHO?

    To each his own, but for me and my significant other we both view that as infidelity and are totally against it. I do know a couple that have invited others into their bedroom and (from the outside looking in) it has not caused any harm to their relationship which seems to be stronger than ever. I don’t think that Kaleena is longing for more, more so just loves the best of both worlds and loves her man enough to include him in that. Great article!

  • Michelle

    Good question! It’s increasingly popular for men to ask a woman to bring in an additional bedmate but I can’t grasp why women would even entertain the idea. I guess being in this type of relationship, in the public eye, when each person is so sought after might add the pressure to keep another person in the loop to keep the bedour interesting and perhaps safe?? I don’t know but def an interesting convo! My man better not never ask because #icant. Awesome discussion though!


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