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They say when one takes fame to their head, problems can evolve and with K. Michelle and her recent antics and comments, nothing or no one will get in between her and her fame. The latest individual to feel K. Michelle’s wrath was none other than Lyfe Jennings who back in 2012 got jabs thrown at him when the Love & Hip Hop star refused to open up for him during a show in Tampa, FL. [Singers Room]

It seemed like all was forgotten seeing as K. Michelle did a recent radio interview with New York’s Power 105.1, where she did admit to making a mistake and vowed to put her fans first rather than clash with fellow artists. But that only seemed to add more fuel to the fire and Lyfe was not going to let it go that easy.

Offended by her comments which equaled to him being referred to as irrelevant during the time of the concert, Lyfe took to his twitter to tweet out his thoughts on the matter. “Doesn’t K Michelle realize that every time she talks bad about Lyfe her fan base goes down,” said the singer.

Jennings also made it quite evident that he will never share any stage with the Memphis native, and making sure his message was clear, he added “And to any promoter: stop calling me [.] I will not do a show with K. Michelle on the bill. If she’s involved I won’t be. Don’t need the drama.”

Ending his rant and giving less attention to the situation, he finished with a closing tweet

Lyfe is currently working on a follow-up album to his 2010 effort ‘I Still Believe.’ He plans on releasing the first single from the forthcoming project in March.”

Wheww! The people have spoken!




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