Sunday February 25, 2018
Aug 2011
Written by Ms. Anonymous!

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who recently inked a deal with Bad Boy Entertainment, was arrested for organizing a flash mob in Strongsville, Ohio. Machine Gun Kelly was attended an event held at Southpark Centre on Saturday night (August 20th.)

According to reports, Machine Gun Kelly was arrested for misdemeanor disorderly conduct, after he refused to get off a table.

“If havin fun with my fans and bringing the rage back to my hometown means I have to be arrested…then keep pullin the cuffs out,” Machine Gun Kelly posted on his Facbook.

Accoring to AllhipHop, “The incident comes after Cleveland city Council vetoed a bill that makes it illegal to promote flash mobs using social media. Just last week, Compton California rapper game was almost charged with a crime for inciting a “telephone flash mob,” after he tweeted the number to the Compton Sheriff’s Department.”

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