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Rapper Trinidad James did something a rapper from another state should never do. James did a show in New York on Tuesday and basically said that the south runs the rap scene in New York and New York fell off. Well, twitter went ham on the rapper and a few rappers were not happy with the statement, including Brooklyn rapper Maino.

Maino went on Hot 97’s Morning show and spoke about the Trinidad James statement and how he needs to apologize to all of New York for such a statement.

“I done been in every city in America and its an unspoken law that you don’t come to anybody’s city and talk down to them,” he told Hot 97 Morning Show hosts Ebro and Rosenberg. “He got to apologize to New York city. He got to apologize to you. He got to apologize to Brooklyn. He got to apologize to Harlem. Because he disrespected us in our city. If you got an opinion, whatever your opinion is you keep it to yourself. People pay you to come here not to disrespect them.”

Did Maino take Trinidad James statement too far? Or should New York rappers take Trinidad James as a challenge and step their game up?


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