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Nov 2014

Lashonda Williams and Roger Reed Jr (left), Rev. Don Smith (right)


Lashonda Williams, 24, and Roger Reed Jr., 23, were arrested Nov. 5 and were charged with first degree murder and aggravated robbery of Whitehaven pastor, Rev. Don Smith. Days after the murder, the couple were pictured joyriding, taking selfies in the pastors’ 2010 Buick Lacrosse, and posting to social media. Rev. Don Smith was found shot to dead on the side of a road. The carefree and happy photos Williams and Reed took inside of the pastor’s stolen car are said to be very disturbing.

Their arresting officers states:

“It just shows how egregious this crime is, you know, that some people, their conscience doesn’t bother them,” said Greenville, Miss., Assistant Chief of Police Delando Wilson. “They have been suspected of a heinous crime. To joyride in the victim’s vehicle is pretty heartless.”


According to My Fox Memphis:

Greenville Police confirms the Facebook photos show Williams and her boyfriend Reed posing inside the pastor’s stolen Lacrosse. One of the selfies posted shows the two even kissing. Some of the photos were taken Nov. 2, a day after the the pastor’s body was found shot to death along a pond in Hickory Hill.

The couple was caught in the stolen car after a brief chase in Greenvile four days later.

“Last Wednesday (Nov. 5) patrol cars found the car and attempted to stop the vehicle,” Greenville Assistant Police Chief Wilson told FOX13 News. “They refused to stop at some point the suspects abandoned the vehicle.”

The two were caught after a brief chase. They remain behind bars in Greenville and are awaiting extradition back to Memphis.

“They are being held on charges of being in possession of a stolen vehicle and then Memphis does have a active homicide warrant for both suspects,” Wilson said. “They have agreed to be extradited back to Memphis.”

Family members say they don’t recognize the couple and believe robbery was the motive.

“The only thing I can see is my daddy trying to help someone in the middle of the night which is something he would do that,” said Whitney Smith, victim’s daughter. “The kind of person he was, people might have thought he was naive because helps everyone even if he shouldn’t.”

The 57-year-old Rev. Smith had been the pastor of Prospect Park Baptist Church for nearly 30 years. He was laid to rest one week after his death.

He was expected to celebrate his 30-year anniversary with Prospect Park Baptist Church later this month.


Pics cred: MyFoxMemphis.com

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