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Music Industry Opportunities for the Musically Challenged

By: Anthony Villiotti

Musically_ChallengedYou’re reading this online magazine because you have a love and passion for music.  It’s an amazing and fascinating industry to get involved in – but how do you do that if you have no aptitude for creating music?  Sure, the key players are the singers, songwriters, and producers, but there are plenty of roles to be filled for those who don’t necessarily have a gift for creating music.

First, you can work for a record label.  A record label has an extensive personnel ranging from human resources employees to finance employees.  A career at a record label can be a very interesting way to get involved with the industry because it gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the business: the distribution, the contracts, the marketing, and all other operations that make the industry go round.  There are three main companies to check out: Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group.  All three of these companies have job opportunities listed online that can fit nearly anybody’s skill set.

Second, you can work for an artist management firm/become an artist manager.  You can be involved in the every-move of an artist or a collection of artists.  From booking gigs and arranging meetings with producers to negotiating contracts and managing social media accounts, artist managers have a great opportunity to be the right hand person to an artist or artists.  This is one of the most demanding roles in the industry, and you are typically paid at a percentage of your respective artists’ profits (if you are the sole manager), so the earnings potential is very high, but also very low.

Third, you can get involved with radio stations.  Clear Channel Communications for instance, is home to stations such as JAM’N 94.5, KISS 108, and Z100.  You can work in a sales department, technology department, or even set out to be a radio personality.  This can be very rewarding because there is no tie to any management or label loyalty, so you can be exposed to a diverse array of artists, who you may even interview or get to meet.

Finally, you can always take your talents to any organization revolving around music – concert venues, television stations, public relations firms, or even a merchandising company.  For example, you can be in accounting, administrative support, marketing, or in sales at companies like MTV (Viacom Networks) or Live Nation

Whichever path you chose, just know that there are plenty of opportunities for those of us who are interested and passionate about music and the entertainment industry.

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