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Jul 2013

Musiq Souldchild and Kameelah Williams, a.k.a. Meelah, have been praising one another for their parenting to their son. Both singers, recently took to Twitter to give kudos on their special days with Meelah tweeting appreciation on Father’s Day and Musiq Soulchild expressing love on Mother’s Day.

Another Father’s Day shout out…We love u daddy,” captioned Meelah under a picture of herself with Musiq Soulchild and their son, Zack, on June 15th.


The R&B singer/songwriter previously expressed love and appreciation for Meelah on May 12th tweeting, “To the beautiful @meelahmee… God knows I’m so grateful to you for doing an amazing job with our awesome son.. you’re invaluable & irreplaceable.. I love you and I appreciate you for what you do and who you are!!! ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’”


Meelah shared in on the joys of motherhood and the challenge of being apart of the music industry in an interview last year with All Hip HopI have a son, so I’m a mommy now, but all the while I was definitely still in and out of the music industry,” said the the former 702 singer. “Just more-so behind the scenes. I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to still be able to have that as my livelihood. Now, I’m ready to get back out there; I’m so ready to get back in front where I feel I belong, and do my thing. I’ve been in the studio currently recording solo material, and it’s really coming along great, I’m super excited.”

Reports ( say Williams is expected to release her solo album some time soon.

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