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Networking with a purpose…

By: Anna Paula “AP” Gonçalves


We’ve all heard it before: “It’s not ‘what you know;’ it’s ‘who you know.’”  As much as we hear this “statement” within every industry, it’s safe to say that it is incredibly over used in the entertainment industry more so than any other.  You would think by now I’d be used to it.  But the truth is, I can’t tell you how much hearing it actually bothers me.  I’ll tell you why:


See, I have a problem with an outlook that encourages individuals to “know people” above “knowing their craft.”  There is nothing more detrimental to your own success than to think that someone else will carry your career for you.  Don’t substitute a reputation that you can build on educating yourself on your craft to then being able to use it to network with the mentality of building opportunities with other fellow professionals.  Quit believing you can piggyback in someone else’s knowledge, position, and success.


Every professional, no matter their rank or title; no matter the years of experience they hold, should network with a purpose to build and establish, meaningful and long-lasting relationships.  And by ‘every professional,’ I mean you, too…the upcoming artist.  We’ve established that you are running a business; your brand is a business in and of itself (See article: The importance of your music industry knowledge…).  Make a statement!  Create opportunities!  What’s in it for the professionals you shake hands with?  Focus on representing that business well enough to propel those you look up to, to want to partner with your business.  Make it so that they feel they are networking with you, too!  So it now becomes a win/win for both parties.   And then continue and never steer away from this approach.


The question that was sent in was: “How important is networking and establishing/building relationships for my music career?”  Well, how important is it for you to have fans?  I’d like to think of it this way: your fans are to your brand as business relationships are to your career.  Networking [with a purpose] is one of the most important aspects of your career; one that you should put forth tremendous time, effort, and frequency in.


Final Thoughts:

Practice building and establishing, meaningful and long-lasting relationships.  Who you know doesn’t solidify anything in the long run.  Go by a different motto from now on: It’s not who you know; it’s who knows you.


Now that you know the importance of networking with a purpose, you probably now want to know how to do it!  If so, make sure to check back with #BrandU next week when we answer the following from one of our readers: “How do I network effectively? And what do I need as an artist?”



This post was written by Publicist / Media and Branding Professional, Anna Paula “AP” Gonçalves.  If you are an upcoming artist/entrepreneur with questions regarding your brand/career, follow AP on Twitter @annapfgoncalves to interact with her!


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