Thursday January 18, 2018
Apr 2015
New Album: Alphamale (@alphamale_sa) – “All Sides of Alpha”


The long awaited for debut album by New York’s own Alphamale is now available on all online retailers. The album titled All Sides of Alpha, helps to show you Alphamale’s creative nature and pure passion for all hip hop. Alpha takes you through many different sounds from party music, to lyrical and even ventures into shedding light on his life story. With the goal of not only connecting to listens but letting them see every aspect of what Alphamale has to offer creatively! This album has been highly reviewed and well received by listeners off many different style of music.

This album has features from his Hip Hop Heads (3H) members Tha Kid Jae, Status and The Season. Alpha also called upon the very talented vocalists Em Hartt and Jacqui Purple for tracks such as “The Underdog” and “Never Alone”. With production from the likes of Tony Bella, Stigmata, King LIV, NewDerseyBeats and SK, you are bound to find the sound you are looking for. This project recorded at vision studios by Stigmata proves that the underdog can succeed, and that Hip Hop is what WE make it, not what the “masses” want us to make.

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