Saturday January 20, 2018
Aug 2015



Jake&Papa have finally released their highly anticipated erotica project, Sexual Warfare — with features from Casey Veggies, Audio Push, Karina Pasian and DUBB.


“‘Sexual Warfare’ is the next level in our journey of erotica.” Jake&Papa confidently say. “It takes a deeper look into the relationship, which at times can be a war of it’s own. The world is currently in an uproar, and sometimes that person you’re at war with is the only one you’ve got. This album details that unbreakable bond; the highs, the lows, the heartbreaks, and of course the erotica. Even though it’s tough, it’s these powerful connections that embody the warfare that can give life instead of taking it away. We always say, “If only we spent more time loving one another, then we wouldn’t have the time to hate one another.”


If you’re in LA, please join Jake&Papa at their free Sexual Warfare concert at Las Palmas in Hollywood on Wed, August 19! Open to the public // ages 18+.


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