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Apr 2015

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In life it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. There are various peaks & valleys as one strives towards the pursuit of happiness. When adversities strikes or change happens, some people fold under the pressure and others take on the attitude/mantra that “It Is What It Is” and I’m going to overcome any obstacles. This sums up the Brooklyn native Safaree aka “SB” and it’s also the name of his debut mix-tape. With a successful visual /single “Burner” catching fire on the internet (and ITunes) with over 199k views, SB gives his fans & media outlets a solid project that showcases his lyrical prowess and shows why SB has been pushing hard to get his music to the forefront. “It Is What It Is” hosted by “WalkLikeUS” & with several skits with power 105 Breakfast Club Show Co-host “CthaGod” aka Charlamagne gives us a good mix of songs that work together to make “It Is What It Is” a great debut project for SB. Checkout “It Is What It Is” after the jump and see why the future is bright for Safaree.


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